World’s first self-calibrating thermometer

December 2018

Endress+Hauser is launching the iTherm TrustSens TM37x compact thermometer for food and beverage and life sciences industries.

The iTherm TrustSens TM37x compact thermometer features unique sensor technology with fully automated inline self-calibration function for hygienic and aseptic applications – 100 per cent compliance – 0 per cent effort, the company said in a release.

It enables continuous, traceable monitoring thanks to its fully automated inline self-calibration function without process interruption. This results in high product safety, increases plant availability and helps reduce risk and costs. The hygienic thermometer is designed for users in the pharmaceutical, and food & beverage industries who require absolute compliance with FDA and/or GMP regulations.

At the heart of the temperature probe is a unique sensor unit consisting of a primary Pt100 temperature sensor and a highly accurate integrated reference with long-term stability. The reference sensor uses a physical fixed point on the basis of the Curie temperature and therefore serves to regularly calibrate the primary sensor.

The self-calibration is triggered fully automatically at a temperature of 118 deg C (Curie point of the integrated reference), a process typically occurring during each steam sterilisation (SIP) of the plant. This ensures that the constantly high measuring accuracy of the temperature sensor is permanently monitored throughout its entire life cycle.

The integrated smart electronics feature varied diagnostics functions, which are categorised in line with the NE107 Namur recommendation and transmitted via HART communication. Furthermore, status signals are indicated locally by means of the LED integrated in the device. In addition to the automated calibration, and therefore verification of the thermometer’s measuring accuracy, data from the last 350 calibrations is stored directly in the device (FIFO memory). This makes it possible to access a long device and process history, which can be used as a basis for predictions and the early determination of trends.

These features guarantee continuous, fully autonomous device self-diagnostics. The iTherm TrustSens is therefore ready for Industry 4.0 applications, the company said.

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