Chroma simulator launched

The 61800 with advanced features has gone through rigorous testing throughout its product development cycle

01 December 2013

Chroma Systems Solutions Inc, a leading provider of power conversion testing equipment and automated systems, has announced the release of their 61800 Regenerative Grid Simulator.

The 61800 is a full four-quadrant, fully regenerative, AC power source with advanced features satisfying rigorous regulatory standards testing as well as design and verification testing throughout the product development cycle. The 61800’s power can both sink and source from the UUT seamlessly to support countless applications. In cases where the UUT sources current, a detection circuit will sense the excess power and recycle it back to the grid. Designed to simulate grid characteristics, the 61800 is ideal for testing PV inverter, on-line UPS, Smart Grid, Vehicle to Grid (V2G) and Energy Storage System (ESS) applications as well as common electrical product testing such as home appliances and industrial electronics requiring a programmable input source.

The 61800 Regenerative Grid Simulator is currently offered in two models: 45 kVA and 60 kVA. Its extensive feature set boosts state-of-the-art digital control technology and can deliver up to 300 VAC at output frequencies ranging from 30 Hz to 100 Hz. The AC+DC feature allows for applications that require a DC offset bias. In addition to supplying clean, precise and stable AC voltage, the 61800 is capable of simulating various types of distorted voltage waveforms and transient conditions required by product validation testing.

The Synthesis function allows users to create periodic harmonic voltage waveforms of up to 40 orders based on a 50/60 Hz fundamental frequency. The Inter-harmonic function allows users to perform frequency sweeps ranging from 0.01 Hz to 2400 Hz on top of the 50/60 Hz fundamental frequency. This special function assists users in locating the resonance points. The 61800 series is also able to provide precision measurements such as RMS voltage, RMS current, true power, power factor, current crest factor and many others. By applying advanced DSP technology, the 61800 can easily simulate power line disturbance (PLD) using List, Pulse and Step modes. RS-232, USB and Ethernet interfaces are available to control the 61800 grid simulator remotely.

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