Cost-effective cerex p-range pump launched

October 2017

SPX Flow has launched its new Bran+Luebbe Cerex P-range pump, a product in response to market demand from the oil and gas industry for a high-quality, lower-cost alternative to its traditional Bran+Luebbe pumps.

The new German-engineered pump is designed for high pressure applications up to 103 Bar, and all pumps are fitted with special PTFE diaphragms designed to ensure a long-life product with lasting solutions, the company said in a statement.

Unlike the Novados range of Bran+Luebbe pumps, the Cerex range is a standardised product that ensures low cost and instant availability. Both pumps are manufactured to the rigorous standards of German product design and engineering.

SPX FLOW anticipates that the new high-quality, low-cost and ready-made pumps will be very popular with the oil and gas industry, which has seen a flurry of new projects starting in recent months due to an upturn in the market. 

Peter Sahai, commercial director Bran+Luebbe, a brand of pumps produced by SPX FLOW said: “SPX FLOW recognises that today’s changing oil and gas industry calls for rapid-fire responses and efficient, cost-effective solutions. That’s why we’re excited to launch our new CEREX P-range of pumps, which tick those criteria by being high-quality, low-cost and instantly available.”

Bran+Luebbe is a brand owned by SPX FLOW since 2001, and has been manufacturing pumps since 1932. It has a proud history, producing precision metering, process pumps, process systems and analysing equipment for more than 80 years.

Other key features include:

• Double diaphragms fitted with a diaphragm failure detection sensor to maximize safety and prevent pump damage;

• Pump yoke to separate hydraulic oil from gear box lubricant;

• The pump is adaptable with several configurations and connections; and

• Pumps are designed in accordance to API675

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