Miniature valve insert ensures zero leakage

October 2017

A new miniature valve designed for protecting low pressure systems that need an over pressure safety relief valve that guarantees zero leakage, is the latest addition to Lee Products range of field-proven miniature pressure relief valves.

The 187 Zero Leak PRI (Pressure Relief Insert) is for systems with pressures ranging from 20 up to 100 psid and is ideal for both pneumatic and hydraulic pressure relief applications.

The benefit of zero leakage when the valve is closed is particularly important for applications such as ‘closed’ avionics cooling systems, where a safety relief valve is needed should the coolant temperature spike causing excess internal pressure.

The 187 valve is the latest example of Lee Products reputation for ‘innovation in miniature’  helping machine builders to meet the objectives of designing smaller, more compact systems, without compromising performance. The 187 valve weighs just 1.5 grams and measures 4.75 mm in diameter and 15.74 mm in length.

An elastomeric valve seat ensures zero leakage and this is available in materials which are compatible with most fluids. Cracking pressure is preset at the factory enabling capabilities ranging from 20 psid up to 100 psid and each valve is endurance tested to ensure a long-life performance of a minimum of 100,000 cycles.

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