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DED Ajman signs deal with TAD logistics, Sifco

The Ajman Department of Economic Development (Ajman DED) has signed a strategic cooperative agreement each with TAD Logistics Company and Al Shamali International Freight Services, (Sifco).
Under the terms of the agreements, the two companies will assist DED-Ajman in facilitating the transfer and storage of seized, damaged and counterfeit items, reported state news agency Wam
The new partnership demonstrates DED-Ajman's continued commitment towards establishing key cooperatives with the private sector in order to provide comprehensive and integrated services, it stated.
The agreement was signed by Abdullah bin Nasser Al Nuaimi, Assistant Director-General for Economic Registration and Control, DED-Ajman, Rajesh Kotichi, General Manager, TAD Logistics, and Nasser Koti, General Manager, Sifco, in a ceremony held at the DED-Ajman headquarters. 
The event was attended by some senior officials of the department, it added.
On the new agreement, Al Nuaimi said: "This reflects the department's continuing move to reinforce its partnerships with the private sector - a key driver in achieving a competitive and highly diversified green economy." 
"The agreement aims at ensuring a smooth process in the transfer and storage of counterfeit goods and materials that have been seized by DED-Ajman during its regular round of inspections across businesses and trade establishments in the emirate, he added. 

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