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UAE non-oil trade $281bn in first 9 months of 2020

UAE's non-oil trade reached AED1.033 trillion ($281.24 billion) during the first nine months of 2020, despite the global economic slowdown and Covid-triggered lockdowns, data released by the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Centre showed.
The figures cover the exchanges of non-oil commodities, including direct trade and that of free zones and warehousing arrangements, highlighting the healthier trade and remarkable leap in exports and re-exports during September, at a value of AED76.35 billion, said a Wam news agency report.
From January to September 2020, imports amounted to AED572.888 billion, while the value of exports reached AED191.322 billion and re-exports increased to AED269.104 billion, according to the FCSC's statistics.
China is the country's top trading partner with a total trade of AED124.45 billion, followed by Saudi Arabia - AED90.8 billion; India - AED70 billion; US - AED60 billion, and Switzerland - AED41 billion.
Gold topped the list at around AED182 billion, followed by phone and other cellular devices at AED105 billion.
According to Ministry of Economy's statistics, the UAE ranks third globally, and leads Arab region in terms of re-exports, coming among top 20 import & export countries worldwide in 2019, during which non-oil trade grew 5 percent, contributing significantly to the country's non-oil GDP.

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