A screen shot of the new application

A screen shot of the new application

Tideworks launches Digital Bridge

01 July 2008

Tideworks Technology Inc, a provider of full-service terminal management and planning software solutions, has announced the availability of Digital Bridge, a Web-based, real-time, comprehensive graphical application that allows terminal personnel to monitor and respond to terminal activities immediately.

Digital Bridge has been successfully deployed at three vastly different terminals – Terminal 18 in Seattle, Pacific Container Terminal in Long Beach, California, and Manzanillo International Terminal in Panama.
“Having complete visibility of our terminal operations is essential for us to run the most effective and safest terminal environment possible,” said Joey Arnold, terminal manager at T18, Seattle. “Tideworks’ Digital Bridge provides us with the information necessary to help us make better decisions and proactively address operational issues that arise before they become problems.”

Greater Visibility
Digital Bridge delivers enhanced and instantaneous visibility into key performance indicators, which enables terminal management to make informed business decisions. Additional benefits include:
 Easy to use browser-based interface designed to present terminal data using dynamic gate, yard, vessel and rail metrics that are intuitive and easily translated into appropriate actions.
 Graphically rich metrics which provide on-demand, easy to interpret information drawn from the terminal operating system’s database.  The library of available metrics continuously grows.
 Flexible system design which enables terminal personnel to monitor their operations based on the uniqueness of their terminal.
 Customisable alerts that provide advanced warning when user-defined thresholds are reached. This tool presents terminal personnel the opportunity to proactively address irregularities before they become problems.
 My Favorites – technology that enables users to customise Digital Bridge, aggregating the most commonly utilised metrics into one exacting work space.
Digital Bridge seamlessly integrates with other Tideworks solutions, including Mainsail Terminal Management System, Spinnaker Planning Management System, and Traffic Control.
“We developed Digital Bridge in response to terminal operators’ need for increased visibility and real-time information regarding the status of their terminal’s operations, as they continue to receive pressure to increase throughput and seek to become more efficient,” said Michael Schwank, president of Tideworks. “Digital Bridge provides terminal personnel with the latest technology and capabilities they need to continually manage and proactively address any issues that may arise, and it does so through the use of graphically-rich metrics which address their terminal’s specific needs.”

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