The oil rig arriving at Sohar Industrial Port

The oil rig arriving at Sohar Industrial Port

L&T refit for damaged rig

01 July 2008

Larsen & Toubro (L&T)  Modular Fabrication Yard LLC is busy repairing and refitting in Sohar an oil rig that was damaged during the tropical hurricane Katrina.

The complete operation of towing the rig into the Port of Sohar took over three hours and needed assistance of three tugboats and two standing by. The tugboat pilots and the Marine Department at the Port of Sohar managed to organise a smooth maneuver for the non maneuverable object also known as a dead ship from the pilot station into the L&T quay.
The oil rig was damaged during hurricane Katrina’s violent rampage in New Orleans, USA, almost three years ago. The company responsible for the operation, L&T Modular Fabrication Yard LLC, which started its sophisticated operations in Sohar last year, estimates the time for repairing and refitting the 75 m round object up to 18 months.
After the repair of the oil rig, it will be towed back to its country of origin.

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