WaterMaster flow profile better

01 July 2008

A new generation of flowmeters for water and waste water treatment applications has been launched by ABB at the International Water & Effluent Exhibition in the UK (IWEX).

The WaterMaster flowmeter range brings a host of advanced features and functionality, including superior measurement capabilities enabling users to operate more efficiently, reduce costs and increase profitability, reports Processingtalk.
Foremost amongst the new features is the revolutionary octagonal sensor design of the WaterMaster
The design brings the sensor closer to the ideal square sensor geometry without the inherent problems of stresses caused at the four corners.
By improving the flow profile, the octagonal design minimises the upstream and downstream pipe lengths required from the point of installation, greatly reducing the cost of fitting the meters into new or existing pipelines.
Another world first is the inclusion of onboard verification capability called VeriMaster.
By using high frequency excitation combined with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, the WaterMaster transmitter is able to more clearly separate the sensor signal from the background noise, thereby providing high quality outputs especially in harsh environments involving hydraulic noise, pH changes and temperature fluctuations.
Improved software filtering also ensures a faster speed of response, giving operators real time measurement of flow conditions, resulting in more accurate and reliable flow measurements.
All WaterMaster sensors have a rugged, robust construction to ensure a long, maintenance-free life even under the most difficult conditions experienced in water and waste water applications.
The sensors are inherently submersible (IP68, NEMA 6P) as standard, ensuring suitability for installation in chambers and metering pits which are liable to flooding.
A key feature of the WaterMaster sensor is that all sizes are buriable; installation merely involves excavating to the underground pipe, installing the sensor and wiring the factory pre-potted cabling to the transmitter and then backfilling the hole.
The WaterMaster range incorporates many operator-focused features. The transmitter can be easily rotated through 270 degrees, allowing operators to customise the display to best fit their needs.
“Through-the-glass” control technology provides a local operator interface for inputting short, quick data for all user specific parameters without removing the transmitter cover.
Operation has been simplified by the use of the new ABB universal Human Machine Interface (HMI), which has now been extended across its range of instrumentation products.

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