A speaker giving his viewpoint at the Airports Security conference

A speaker giving his viewpoint at the Airports Security conference

Airports building more resilient infrastructure

01 June 2022

Airports have been building more resilient infrastructure that are able to monitor sizeable passenger movements even as the threat to security is rising with new data driven technologies and enhanced footfall.

This was the view of experts and officials at the Airport Security conference at the Global Airport Leaders’ Forum  last month in Dubai, UAE.

“As threats get more advanced, we at the airport security are enhancing technology-based end-to-end solutions to detect and mitigate security challenges before they occur. Organisations around the world are expanding security solutions and taking measures based on different technologies to detect terrorist acts or smuggling ahead of time,” said Brigadier Humooda Mohammed Selayem Alameri, Deputy Director of General Department of Airport Security, Dubai Police, in his keynote address on ‘Developing intelligent, end-to-end control of airport infrastructure to meet future security challenges’.

“Technology is reshaping airport security with tools such as CT scanning, 3D imaging, AI and other means,” he said.

Brigadier Alameri said: “Technology and old methods like K9 are playing a key role in security and the detection of explosives or drugs around airports. Dubai Police is merging the latest technology with old methods and the results are satisfactory.”  Besides, tools like biometric and fingerprints and facial scanning, Artificial Intelligence are the future of airport security.

Buti Ahmed Qurwash, Vice President Security, Dubai Airports, focused on the recent critical developments in airport security that are being rolled out across airports globally. “The new measures to improve passenger experience at airports and provide maximum security and safety included the security screening process through automated machines, the use of biometrics, passenger tracking, video surveillances, risk-based security and access control and queue management around the world.”  

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