A wastewater plant

A wastewater plant

Xylem unveils smart wastewater treatment solution

01 June 2022

Xylem, a leading water technology company committed to solving critical water and infrastructure challenges with innovation, has announced the launch of its new smart wastewater treatment solution, Xylem Edge Control, that will help customers cut operating costs and reduce energy use by 25 per cent.

Wastewater utilities can now achieve compliance targets while cutting energy consumption from aeration by up to 25 per cent with Xylem Edge Control. This off-the-shelf suite of digital solutions for conventional activated sludge (CAS) plants marks the latest breakthrough in the digitisation of water utilities.

With Xylem Edge Control, wastewater operators can now control and monitor their assets, improve nutrient removal, save energy and reduce costs.

“Wastewater utilities are constantly balancing the need to ensure service reliability and compliance alongside the need to manage costs,” remarked Chris Taylor, the Global Product Manager at Xylem.

“Xylem Edge Control helps wastewater utilities confidently walk that line, bringing together our digital innovation expertise and insights from our deep bioprocessing experience, in a suite of solutions that maximises process control while dramatically cutting energy consumption and supporting sustainability goals,” stated Taylor.

This new solution applies analytics to real-time data to provide rapid process recommendations to optimise chemical usage and aeration.

As utilities target emissions reductions, Edge Control is the latest high-efficiency technology that can help utilities cut energy-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and make fast progress towards achieving net-zero targets. The platform can operate with any Programmable Logic Controller under various communications protocols and connect to existing hardware, including sensors and probes, it added.

Taylor pointed out that utilities around the world were well on the way to digitising their networks and reaping major water, energy and cost efficiencies.

“Xylem Edge Control is a versatile, multi-functional solution that meets wastewater utilities where they are on that journey – and sets them up to unlock more of the benefits of digital transformation,” he added.

Xylem said the launch of its new Edge Control follows rigorous field testing across North America, including Washington and Indiana. It will soon be rolled out into key markets including the Middle East, it added.  

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