Adnan Al-Mazrooa receives the CX Award

Adnan Al-Mazrooa receives the CX Award

Naqel Express honoured for Customer Experience

01 May 2022

Saudi Arabia's leading express logistics and supply chain company, Naqel Express has won the “2021 CX Award” for market leading Customer Experience, which was launched by Communications & Information Technology Commission (CITC).

The award focuses on enhancing transparency, as well as offering top-notch customer experience, through the implementation of the best applicable international practices and methodologies in the express logistics sector.

According to a statement by Naqel, the recently launched award aims to raise the competition within the sector’s firms to enhance and improve their performance, while delivering seamless services. The award also supports the vital role of the sector, while taking customers experience to another level.

According to Dr. Mohammed Saud Al-Tamimi, the Governor of the Communications and Information Technology Commission, the award was given to both local and international service providers operating in the Kingdom, who had been evaluated according to specific measuring metrics set by the commission. He also added that the award will allow ambitious firms to deliver seamless services for their customers that go along with the best international applicable practices and methodologies.

According to Al-Tamimi, Naqel has won the award as it recorded the highest scores in all the measuring metrics that were used to evaluate the participants. The Customer Satisfaction Index (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS) through which customers are asked how likely they are to recommend services to others, as well as the Customer Effort Score (CES) and the number of handled complaints in relation to total shipments were among the metrics. The findings were based on surveys that were conducted in line with the latest international practices.

Naqel Express Acting CEO, Adnan Al-Mazrooa, expressed his pride of winning the award as it reflects CITC’s appreciation for Naqel’s exceptional service, which extends from the initial contact until the delivery of shipments. Furthermore, Naqel is the first company to receive this award, which aligns with its strategic goal of offering world class services to its customers in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Middle East region.

He added that one of Naqel’s most important strategic pillars is having the best call center and customer support to ensure highest quality level for its wide range of products and services. Furthermore, Naqel has always had a well-trained and skilled team to handle customers and their requirements across all touch-points from the time a shipment is picked-up until its delivery to the consignee.

According to Noura Al-Natash, Customer Service Director, NAQEL’s customer service staff are working round the clock to assist customers, both internally and externally, with their queries and provide prompt answers and relevant information for all their inquiries. This is the way forward for growing the size of our loyal and satisfied customer base.

She also stated that Naqel has achieved the ICXS 2019 certificate, which is concerned with improving customer experience along the entire customer journey while paying close attention to every interaction point. 

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