Naqel has set up its e-fulfillment centres in both bonded and non-bonded zones

Naqel has set up its e-fulfillment centres in both bonded and non-bonded zones

Naqel unleashes e-fulfillment services for online retailers

01 October 2021

One of the most critical challenges facing an online retailer is smooth and prompt fulfillment of goods once the order is placed by an online shopper. The fulfillment is typically processed either from traders across multiple locations or from the e-retailer’s own warehouse.

The logistics of fulfillment involves sourcing of goods, storage, inventory control, packaging and labeling and distribution to the final consumer. Online retailers primarily focus on their core activity of the sourcing right products from right suppliers and manufactures to meet the continuously changing needs online shoppers. While the online retail companies stay focussed with their core activity of offering right range of products and services for online shoppers, the day-to-day hassle around fulfillment, packaging, labelling and distribution is often outsourced to logistics companies. 

Naqel is offering seamless end-to-end logistics services to international retailers from air freight of bulk goods until storage and delivery to the online shopper. In order to meet the growing demands of retailers around the world and within the Middle East, the company is providing the most comprehensive e-fulfillment services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The company has set up its e-fulfillment centers in both bonded and non-bonded zones. International retailers can leverage on Naqel’s bonded e-fulfillment facilities in storing their goods and then distributing them to final customers across the Middle East region.

“We are offering digitally enabled e-fulfillment services with seamless cross-border and domestic transportation of items from retailers to online shoppers in the Mena region,” said Engr Abulrahman Al Zaharani, KSA Country Head of Naqel e-Commerce Division.

Naqel has extended its final mile delivery network to other countries in the region – UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Jordan and Egypt. In alignment with Kingdom’s Vision 2020 imperatives, Naqel has invested heavily in Saudi Arabia in developing a logistics hub for the region that connects the three continents of Asia, Africa and Europe. The company has invested over SR300 million in developing its state-of-the-art facilities in all the three major airports in Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah.

“Our gateway facilities in the three airports will complement the need of international retailers by providing fast clearance, sorting and transportation of shipments to the major destinations in the Kingdom,” said Ammar Al Harbi, Gateways Director, Naqel Express.

E-fulfillment service portfolio of Naqel Express includes inbound, order management, inventory control, and tracking giving complete control to both domestic and international retailers.

Prospective retailers can sign up to Naqel’s e-fulfillment service in five simple steps: agree upon the quotation; sign the e-fulfillment contract; complete the integration of online shopping portal with Naqel’s e-fulfillment portal; undergo a detailed brief on how to use the e-fulfillment services; and  conduct a trial of shipment fulfillment until delivery.

Retailers will be able to realise: faster shipping times; guaranteed well-packed items; consistent on-time delivery, and an easy return process that saves both time and money.

Currently, Naqel’s e-fulfillment services is assisting both small and large enterprises in managing their eCommerce business more efficiently. Retailers can Call 920020505 to book a free consultation or to sign up for the e-fulfillment service.  

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