Patel: vertical farming success

Patel: vertical farming success

NIP promotes use of new agri technologies

01 October 2021

Mainland business park National Industries Park (NIP) contributes to the UAE’s agenda of enhancing local food production by providing UAE-based firms with the ideal environment to thrive. The Park, which is an emerging hub for manufacturing in the Middle East and is home to over 278 firms, aims to improve the need for self-sufficiency by promoting the use of new technologies for food production.

One of the recent success stories in NIP is that of Geap Farms, under the brand Oasis Greens, a vertical farm owned by a female entrepreneur based in Dubai. Oasis Greens grows fresh leafy greens and herbs and is the first licensed hydroponics vertical farm by NIP.

Nikita Patel, Founder, Geap Farms, said: “It truly is an honour to be operating out of NIP, where one would seldom imagine facilities required to set up a hyperlocal farm, right in the middle of an industrial park in the city. This is the beauty and the benefit of hydroponics and vertical farming. This high-tech method of growing plants in vertical farms requires no soil and relies on 90 per cent less water compared to traditional farming. One of most the beneficial aspects of this method is the ability to reuse and recycle used water. Thus, hydroponic systems reduce water consumption and production costs, making it economical and environmentally friendly.”

Vertical indoor farms are ideal for the UAE’s high temperatures and arid land, providing farm-to-fork freshness, year-round.  

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