Uniphore acquires CX company Jacada

Combined with Jacada’s innovative low code/no code platform, Uniphore’s conversational automation platform will empower businesses to easily automate key interactions across customer engagements

01 September 2021

Uniphore, a leader in Conversational Service Automation (CSA), announced its agreement to acquire Jacada, a customer experience pioneer with the industry’s leading low code/no code platform for contact centre automation.

Jacada’s advanced automation software brings a proven track record of solving complex contact center challenges and empowering the design and implementation of transformational customer experiences quickly and easily.

Combined with Jacada’s innovative low code/no code platform, Uniphore’s industry-leading conversational automation platform will empower businesses to easily automate key interactions across self-service and agent-assisted customer engagements.

With this comprehensive platform, business users can realise state-of-the-art digital transformation, resulting in significant ROI. When integrated with Uniphore’s conversational AI and automation solutions, along with Jacada’s deep experience spanning decades focused on contact centres, the joint solution will deliver significant benefits to customers, including:

• Business user-friendly interface with a low code/no code platform that empowers business users to generate interaction flows for increased automation and fast, easy implementation.

• Optimised and customisable AI models for different industry verticals. 

• Workflow and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for both multi-modal self-service and agent assisted interactions.  

• Fully scripted and AI-enabled next-best action to guide both the customer and the agent.

• Enhanced knowledge-base guidance for increased agent efficiency and accuracy.

• Highly automated agent after-call work (ACW) summaries and call disposition 

• Automatic logging of promises made during agent interaction and managing the fulfilment post call.  

• End-to-end post interaction analytics and insights.   

The acquisition comes at a time when enterprises are having more conversations with their customers over multiple mediums and modes of communications. Currently, the market is heavily fragmented with point solutions across self-service, agent-assist, analytics, security, front-office, back office and RPA products. 

Upon closing the acquisition of Jacada, and with Uniphore’s January 2021 acquisition of Emotion Research Labs, Uniphore will be the only vendor to provide proven low code/no code capabilities along with best-of-breed voice and video AI, including self-service, intelligent in-call agent assist, complete natural language after-call work summaries, trusted agent solutions and post interaction analytics. Now, customers can truly deliver front office and back office automation across every customer and agent interaction, truly optimising every conversation, in a simplified, business-friendly UX environment and desktop.  

“Today, I welcome the Jacada team and celebrate the announcement that will ultimately bring cutting-edge low code/no code technology to our portfolio along with a very talented team of professionals who will supercharge the Uniphore innovation engine,” said Umesh Sachdev, CEO and Co-founder of Uniphore. “I am very excited to have the Jacada team join us as we work together to bring our customers new ways to quickly and easily build and deliver transformative customer experiences.”

“Our customers rely on us to bring them the latest and greatest solutions to help them grow their business,” said Yochai Rozenblat, CEO of Jacada. “We are stoked about joining forces with a team who is both experienced and passionate about contact centres, customer experience, and intelligent automation. Looking at what Uniphore has developed across such a wide range of applications, we know that together, we will truly lead the industry in new and exciting ways, combining advanced automation and AI capabilities to deliver solutions that create lasting value and differentiation for our customers.”

Subject to completing customary closing conditions, the Jacada team, its intellectual property, and products will become part of Uniphore, enabling Uniphore to continue to deliver industry-leading products and services for their global joint customer base. Specific financial terms and other details of the deal are not being disclosed.  

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