Danube’s Alucopanel A1 fireproof panel: advanced product

Danube’s Alucopanel A1 fireproof panel: advanced product

Danube launches fire-proof aluminum panel for buildings

The company secured regulatory approval for its new line of building materials making it the region’s first A1 non-combustible external wall façade system developed by UAE home-grown brand Alucopanel

01 September 2021

Alucopanel, a UAE home-grown Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) brand, has announced the launch of the region’s first government-approved A1 non-combustible grade ACP, particularly recommended for building projects where very high level of fire protection is prescribed, especially high-rise buildings or schools, hospitals and shopping malls.

The A1 ACPs are fully non-combustible and do not produce any smoke in the event of fire, offering an ideal sustainable alternative to façade cladding materials.

Based on the performance, ACPs are classified as A1, A2, B, C, D, E and F. A1 being the highest rating signifying non-combustible materials.

Sajan: proud of the UAE home-grown ACP brand

Sajan: proud of the UAE home-grown ACP brand

The A1 rating is the strictest fire rating standard in the world that validates a product’s non-combustible nature. This makes it an ideal choice in the development of high- rise buildings. For a trusted, quality proofed foundation, these are the products one should look out for, said the statement from Alucopanel Middle East.

An industrial unit of Dubai-based diversified business conglomerate Danube Group, Alucopanel Middle East started its journey in 2012 and soon captured a significant share in the Middle East’s ACP market, due to its superior technology and products, it stated.

Speaking at the launch Rizwan Sajan, the founder and chairman of Danube Group, said: “Alucopanel is a UAE home-grown brand and its products are all made in the UAE. Today we are proud to announce that this UAE home-grown ACP brand has received Dubai Civil Defence certificate that paves the way for its manufacturing, distribution and installation in buildings, industries and other application.”

“It is a UAE trademark registered brand and carries the Emirati brand identity,” he added.

According to him, Dubai Civil Defence has certified Alucopanel A1 ACP for installation on building façade. This makes UAE – made Alucopanel the first civil defence-certified A1 grade ACP in the world, he stated.

“The Alucopanel A1 grade aluminum composite panel is the most advanced and most effective non-combustible high quality ACP product that will reduce fire spread in buildings. This will significantly improve the fire safety record of buildings and structures covered by A1 ACPs,” he added.

The A1, which is a more advanced and a much safe product, is a significant improvement from the existing A2 ACPs in the market. Fire is the biggest cause of accidents in high-rise buildings in the world and in the UAE which has the third highest number of skyscrapers in the world after China, USA and Japan. The UAE also hosts 18 of the world’s tallest 100 towers including Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world.

Sajan pointed out that with this new product the architects, designers, consultants, structural engineers, developers and contractors now have a choice to change the buildings industry and also make it safer, especially from fire accidents.

The UAE and UK had in recent years suffered a spate of fires in its high-rises. The reason for the blazes, building and safety experts say, is the combustible core used in ACP cladding. The new A1 non-combustible core will rest the risk of rapid spread of the blaze, he added.

According to him, Alucopanel A1 is manufactured in a quality-controlled and regularly-audited factory.

“The auditing has been undertaken under three separate product and quality control schemes including ISO 9001 QMS Certification provided and audited by SGS Middle East,” he stated.

“Fire Testing and Certification was carried out by Thomas Bell-Wright International, a Dubai-based certification body accredited by UKAS, GAC, IAS and EIAC which was engaged in auditing of Alucopanel A1 manufacturing and sampling for reaction to fire test EN 13501-1:2018 and Self and Flash Ignition fire test ASTM D1929-16 on its core material,” he added.

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