Balexco warns about counterfeit products

01 October 2020

Bahrain Aluminium Extrusion Company (Balexco) has announced that there are still some aluminium outlets in the Bahraini market that import counterfeit profiles for Balexco systems and sell them as Balexco systems in the name of an extrusion company from outside Bahrain.

Accordingly, the company has issued a warning to all its customers, consultants, contractors, developers and all users of Balexco systems against dealing with these counterfeit profiles, due to the lack of specifications, features and guarantees enjoyed by the original Balexco systems.

Balexco said it will be taking legal procedures against these counterfeiting parties.

In order to protect the interests of the users of Balexco’s systems, the company will issue a monthly list of the names of its authorised distributors, whom the company supplies with its original products.

This list can be viewed by visiting the company’s website:, or contacting the sales team at the following numbers: 17734356, 17734452, 17734357.

Balexco is ready to check any user’s profiles to ensure that they are original and to issue a certificate to that effect, whether the profiles are new or used to fabricate a product such as windows, doors, etc.

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