The cameras can be used simultaneously for fire detection and video surveillance

The cameras can be used simultaneously for fire detection and video surveillance

Bosch updates fire detection system

The new updated version of Bosch’s video-based fire detection system Aviotec IP starlight 8000 detects fires with cameras even in low light

September 2020

Bosch Building Technologies has released a new version of its video-based fire detection system Aviotec IP starlight 8000, which now enables early detection of fire incidents with cameras even in low light conditions.

Both flames and smoke are reliably detected down to an ambient lighting level of 2 lux, the company stated.

This allows fire detection and remote optical verification during night time. In addition, it offers scheduled sensitivity adjustments for fire detection enabling up to three individual surveillance modes depending on the activity and the time of the day. A higher robustness and at the same time an increased sensitivity improve detection performance and reliability.

For this purpose, Bosch said it has extended its proven video analytics in the camera by artificial intelligence, which processes the results of more than 20 algorithms and makes an alarm decision on that basis. This leads to a significantly enhanced sensitivity, without compromising the solution’s robustness against false alarms.

With the new firmware version 7.61, Aviotec IP starlight 8000 is suitable for application in areas with very low light, such as warehouses and production plants at night. In case of changing environmental conditions, the sensitivity can be adapted to the requirements using programmable schedules.


Quick Early Fire Detection

Thus, for example, it is possible to optimise the robustness against false alarms during busy daytime operation, while deserted buildings, where quickest detection is required, benefit from the high sensitivity at night.

Video-based fire detection is now also an option for applications where low illumination was a challenge. Due to the increased light sensitivity less light sources need to be installed for night time surveillance reducing the fire load noticeably.

During night time Aviotec IP starlight 8000 can now perform both: fire detection and remote optical verification, the company said.


Lower cost of ownership

“Aviotec's increased sensitivity only needs 2 lux to detect fires reliably. The result is less planning time due to the fact that less illumination is required. Consequently, this saves energy costs in operation and it also saves installation costs,” Bosch stated.

Since Bosch’s new solution works reliably with minimal ambient light, it saves costs for planning, installation, and operation of the lighting. Furthermore, it significantly reduces the risks for applications with high fire load in those low light conditions. This benefits, for example, operators of multi-story car parks where risk is typically quite high.

During the course of the day, in a building, there can be changes in crowd activities. This can require a higher robustness during operational hours when people are around. On the other hand, during night time it might be necessary to operate with a higher sensitivity, especially when fastest detection needs to be achieved.


Protection For Vehicles

Aviotec IP starlight 8000 guarantees reliable early detection to protect vehicles and electrical charging stations. In historical buildings, the solution can now also be installed in almost unused side rooms with minimal lighting, for example, through tiny windows.

In all environments, the installed cameras can be used simultaneously for fire detection and video surveillance, which further reduces installation and operating costs.

The video-based fire detection Aviotec IP starlight 8000 is now delivered with the new firmware. Existing installations can be upgraded to the new technology by a free firmware update.  

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