Slowdown, oil prices hit Bahrain H1 revenues

September 2020

Bahrain’s ministries and government agencies have indicated a revenue of BD910 million ($2.39 billion) during the first half of the year (H1), a decrease of 29 per cent in comparison to the same period last year, said a report.

Due to low oil prices, oil revenue decreased by 35 per cent, in comparison to the same period during the fiscal 2019, reported Bahrain News Agency (BNA), citing the biannual financial report 2020 for ministries and government agencies issued by the Ministry of Finance and National Economy. The Minister of Finance and National Economy Shaikh Salman bin Khalifa Al Khalifa highlighted that despite the challenges of drop of oil prices globally and Covid-19, the Kingdom continues to achieve all development goals.

The report further indicated a fall in non-oil revenue by 13 per cent in comparison to the same period last year, as a result of a decrease in economic activity globally, regionally, and locally, and due to the waiving of government service fees during the Covid-19 global pandemic. The report reflected a discipline in total expenditure in accordance to the allocated budget, and a reduction in recurrent expenditure by 5 per cent, in comparison to the same period last year. Total actual expenditure recorded stood at BD1.708 billion, achieving a slight increase in the disbursement by 2 per cent compared to the results of the semi-annual budget implementation for the  year 2019 of BD1.678 billion.

As a result, the actual deficit for the biannual report for the fiscal year 2020 amounted to BD798 million, an increase of 98 per cent compared to the biannual deficit for the fiscal year 2019. Shaikh Salman concluded by expressing his confidence that Team Bahrain’s united efforts and determination are key to overcoming all challenges presented by the global pandemic.  

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