Capt Cynndy

Capt Cynndy

SGS’ digitalisation a boost to aviation

The kingdom’s leading aviation services company is also embracing its customer centric approach through augmented reality and mobility solutions

August 2020

Saudi Ground Services, the kingdom’s leading aviation ground handling services company, announced that its digital transformation with SAP is boosting the aviation sector’s $37 billion contribution to GDP.

Saudi Vision 2030 is rapidly developing international business and tourism connections, underpinned by the aviation sector, which supports 594,000 jobs and $37 billion to GDP in the Kingdom, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

As the kingdom’s aviation market grows, Saudi Ground Services, which serves 670,000 flights per year for more than 90 airlines and 100 million passengers, needed to operate in real-time.

Al Madani

Al Madani

Saudi Ground Services implemented the S/4HANA real-time business suite and SuccessFactors human experience management suite for over 12,000 employees.

Now, Saudi Ground Services has access to customised airline invoices, integrated flight schedules to automate sales orders, as well as localized payroll solutions.

“The Saudi Ground Services Company is asserting its market position within Saudi Arabia, in 2020 and beyond, through operational excellence capabilities,” said Captain Fahd Cynndy, CEO, Saudi Ground Services. “Technology is positioned as a core enabler moving forward our strategy, and SAP facilitated the transformation journey by automating human resources processes, flight data, sales orders, sourcing and contracting for over 200 tenders per year.”

Saudi Ground Services is also embracing its customer centric approach through augmented reality and mobility solutions, on-flight live services, strategic sourcing, automated financial postings, and predictive analytics.

Remarking on the success, Saudi Ground Services has won an SAP Mena Quality Award, which recognise the region’s top digital transformation initiatives, in the “Business Transformation” category.

“Saudi Arabia’s aviation sector is evolving with traveller demands, technology advancements, and global growth,” said Taha AlMadani, Head of Customer Office, SAP Middle East North. “Saudi Ground Services shows how aviation players can digitally transform into Intelligent Enterprises to provide innovative aviation services to employees and customers.”

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