Textile technology makes FHH’s mask effective

August 2020

Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH), a leading manufacturer of hygienic paper products, has confirmed the efficacy of the new self-disinfecting technology, Livinguard (used in the company’s Fine Guard face masks), to permanently kill the new coronavirus when applied to textiles or surfaces.

The announcement follows the latest research conducted by two of the most recognised academic institutions in virology and textiles, Freie Universität Berlin (The Free University of Berlin) and Institut für Textiltechnik (Institute of Textile Technology) at RWTH Aachen University, said a statement.

Livinguard technology can continuously inactivate exhaled viruses, including 99.9 per cent of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes Covid-19), making it the most effective coronavirus killer technology known to date. These scientific results confirm similar findings from a recent study conducted by The University of Arizona, Tucson, the company said.

"Our research has proven that the textiles in these masks can continuously inactivate the exhaled viruses and can make handling these masks even safer overall," said Professor Uwe Rösler from the Institute for Animal and Environmental Hygiene at Freie Universität Berlin. "In addition, such textiles could also help to reduce hygienic issues in other  medical areas, even beyond Covid-19."

FHH CEO James Michael Lafferty stated: “In the days ahead, safeguarding public health and hygiene will be paramount as countries continue to ease restrictions and move forward towards the restoration of daily life and reviving economies. As the exclusive Livinguard partner in the Mena region, we are proud to be pioneering the future of hygiene, providing our consumers across the globe, with the most advanced hygienic solutions available anywhere on the market. The Fine Guard mask is only the beginning—the versatility of this kind of technology means it can be used to create a range of hygienic products.”  

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