Al Shawwa

Al Shawwa

UAE 3D printing sector to reach $599m by 2025

August 2020

Immensa Technology Labs, the UAE’s leading additive manufacturing company, expects the additive manufacturing and 3D printing sector in the UAE to triple every year to reach AED2.2 billion ($598.97 million) by 2025.

It also anticipates that the sector will add AED 11 billion to the UAE’s GDP in 2028, contributing to over 1.0 per cent of the GDP and inducing it with around 3 per cent of the 3D-printing global market share. This is due to the more advanced applications being developed and the growing number of organisations adopting the technology as well as the rapidly increasing demand from local and regional companies for 3D printing solutions.

The forecast for the industry was recently established after the company, represented by its CEO and Founder Fahmi Al Shawwa, met with HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Dubai Future Foundation (DFF),  who launched the 3D Printing Strategic Alliance, the first initiative of its kind to create a network of government entities, academia, and 3D-printing companies.

Al Shawwa said: “Since its inception in 2016, Immensa has played a vital role in a number of additive manufacturing projects across the region. The company worked closely with the DFF team and witnessed first-hand how the government has been proactive by evaluating how they can support the creation of a dynamic 3D-printing sector.  

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