Officials at the Union Coop’s new warehouse

Officials at the Union Coop’s new warehouse

Union Coop opens major warehouse in Dubai

August 2020

Union Coop, the largest consumer cooperative in the UAE, opened ‘Coop Factory’ – one of the largest commodity warehouses in the Middle East and its wholesale branch to sell food and non-food commodities.

The new warehouse is located in the Al Tayy suburb of Dubai and will sell commodities at wholesale prices, which will be at discounts ranging between 15 to 20 per cent, it said.

The total area of the warehouse and the Union Coop branch is around 424,442 sq ft. The facility is equipped with the best modern technology to secure a sustainable commodity stock that meets all needs in different circumstances. 

Khalid Humaid Bin Diban Al Falasi, CEO, Union Coop, said: “This comes within the framework of supporting the wise leadership’s direction and translating the rational aim of providing sustainable food resources in the country and building a food security system as a top priority.”

Al Falasi further said: “The new branch includes about 10,000 food and non-food products with a capacity to accommodate over 200 shoppers at a time, with the supermarket spanning a total area of 15,000 sq m in a strategic area away from congestion.”

Al-Falasi added: “Since the beginning of the crisis, Union Coop provided strategic commodity stocks without charging the state or the shareholders any additional expenses or burden.”  

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