BillerudKorsnäs packaging materials: for a sustainable future

BillerudKorsnäs packaging materials: for a sustainable future

Creating `perfect packaging’

Haver & Boecker and BillerudKorsnäs, have jointly developed a set of recommendations called the Sack Packaging Norms or a ‘’common language’’ to ensure efficient packaging performance

July 2020

BillerudKorsnäs, a leading provider of primary fibre based packaging materials and Haver & Boecker, a family-managed company headquartered in Germany, have bundled their know-how to develop a set of recommendations called the Sack Packaging Norms to create `perfect packaging’.

“In the world of bulk powdered goods such as building materials, chemicals and foodstuffs, different supply chains place differing demands on packaging. Additionally, the machinery used across the world to produce and fill the packaging consists of many different technologies, brands and models. This has resulted in the development and use of a variety of packaging solutions and processes. Therefore, BillerudKorsnäs and Haver & Boecker, have developed a set of recommendations called the Sack Packaging Norms,” said a statement by BillerudKorsnäs.

“Our employees at BillerudKorsnäs and Haver&Boecker, who are active all over the world, have noticed many repeated and unnecessary errors which result in packaging waste, product loss and environmental damage. Often, also, these errors are as a result of miscommunication or the use of different standards or practices. These errors are mostly easily fixed by applying some basic standard knowledge or practice. It was thought that the development of a ‘’common language’’ for the packaging value chain would be an effective way to ensure the elimination waste and efficient packaging performance around the world,” it added.

BillerudKorsnäs: expert in packaging paper manufacturing

BillerudKorsnäs: expert in packaging paper manufacturing

“Globalisation makes it essential to speak one language clearly and distinctly. With the Sack Packaging Norms, we have, together with BillerudKorsnäs, created the basis for joint and helpful communication for your perfect paper bag packaging,” said Thomas Hilling, Manager Haver & Boecker Institute.

This ‘’common language’’, a joint development by Haver & Boecker and BillerudKorsnäs, is a set of recommendations called the Sack Packaging Norms. The Sack Packaging Norms cover the basics and the most critical factors which must be taken into consideration when packing powdered goods, starting from paper manufacture, the handling, storage and manufacture of sacks, the filling of sacks and finally the correct way to transport and store the filled packages.

BillerudKorsnäs contributes to this effort with years of expertise in packaging paper manufacturing and field experience as well as analytical tests, design and development in the BillerudKorsnäs Packaging Development Centre. Haver & Boecker contributes with extensive experience and expertise in filling machinery and powder bulk handling.

’’If producers and users of paper bag packaging follow the recommendations and guidelines, and implement these norms in their supply chain – efficient and effective packaging manufacturing, filling, handling, storage and transport of the finished goods will be secured. As an industry we will reduce waste significantly, making a major contribution to saving our planet,” said Mikael Peterson, Technical Service Director at BillerudKorsnäs.

BillerudKorsnäs provides packaging materials and solutions that challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future. The company has eight production sites in Sweden, Finland and the UK and about 4500 employees in over 13 countries.

Together with more than 50 subsidiaries and 150 representatives on all five continents, Haver & Boecker operates worldwide with about 3,000 employees. In 2019 the company posted a sales turnover of 525 million euros.

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