Plastic Pipes industry: under focus at Plastic Pipes XX

Plastic Pipes industry: under focus at Plastic Pipes XX

Plastic Pipes XX show moves forward

June 2020

Many advances in the field of plastic pipe technology have been announced by the Plastic Pipe Conference Association (PPCA), the organisers of the Plastic Pipes XX Conference with the online publication of their technical program.

The PPCA board and operating committee are continuously reviewing Covid-19 developments and plan to move forward with their conference and exhibition to be held September 21 to 23, 2020 at the Okura Hotel in Amsterdam, a statement said.

Over 400 delegates are scheduled to attend the biannual conference and review a total of 116 papers for delivery in two parallel sessions. Sessions will discuss worldwide advancements in material development, research findings, case studies, non-destructive testing methods and other areas concerning plastic pipe technology and the industry that promotes it, it said.

In addition to presentations and a sizeable exhibition facility, this year’s conference will include a scheduled Poster Gallery Walk for the first time. Sarah Patterson, Organizing Committee Co-chair and Technical Program Manager of PPXX commented: “Our conference is a truly global event that typically encourages human and plastic pipeline connections. This new format will enhance the communication process. Poster authors will be available at various times to discuss their work and provide an additional opportunity for attendees to exchange knowledge and network during the conference. Delegates are still able to visit and browse the Gallery posters any time of day.”



For over 35 years, closed-loop collection and recycling schemes for in-service PE and PVC pipe systems have proved successful. Now Basell Polyolefine GmbH (Germany) has achieved a way to recycle end of service life crosslinked PE-X and multilayer pipes. Their conference presentation will explain how they have developed a pyrolysis system in line with the requirements of the petrochemical process.

A catalyst system is now under development to depolymerize plastic waste to make new PE-X and multilayer pipes. Such a prospect would convey significant advantages for plastics in general and for the plastic pipe industry in particular.



A breakthrough will be announced to conference in the development of special nano-structured materials for use as additives in the manufacture of rigid PVC sewer and water pipe systems. Resulting benefits in mechanical performances from such pipes comprise enhanced rigidity and a simultaneous increase in tensile strength and elongation.

Dr Enrico Boccaleri, a researcher from the Italian University of Piemonte Orientale (UPO) will share the results of this three year development program undertaken in collaboration with seven principal PVC pipe producers in Italy.



Polyamide 12 is a high-performance thermoplastic material used in the manufacture of high pressure gas pipe systems. Two research institutes, the German Plastics Center (SKZ) and The Welding Institute (TWI), in cooperation with Evonik and Westnetz, have examined the established quality tests for pipe welds on PA 12 pipes. Their results are expected to be used for training of personnel as well as for the extension of international technical standards.

The international Pipes Conference has posted an online database publishing all papers delivered since their first convention in 1970 in Southampton (UK). Included within this archive are the papers delivered by their most recent event in Las Vegas in 2018.

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