The unique architecture of the new low-level order picker Linde N20 promises increased safety and hi

The unique architecture of the new low-level order picker Linde N20 promises increased safety and hi

Improved goods picking with N20

With the Linde N20, a new range of low-level order pickers, Linde Material Handling is optimising its unique order picking concept

November 2019

The unique vehicle architecture of the N20 low-level order picker from Linde Material Handling enables highly ergonomic, flexible, safe and thus extremely productive – and fast – picking in the load capacity range from 1.6 to 2.5 tonnes. With many new features and the highest variety of configurations the concept is brought to the next level, the company said in a release.

Driving up to the shelf, getting off the truck, retrieving products from the shelf, loading them onto the goods carrier, getting back onto the truck – and off to the next picking position: Manual picking is one of the most labour-intensive, piecemeal tasks in goods handling. Linde Material Handling’s latest N20 low-lift order picker generation improves all these work steps in one go. “The vehicle optimally supports the employee in all subtasks,” said Linde Material Handling product manager Eloïse Lévêque.


This is made possible through a unique vehicle layout which has proven itself over two decades: With the Linde N20, the operator stands in front of the battery which gives him a couple of advantages compared to the conventional version where the operator stands behind it. For example, it gives the driver a more immediate and therefore better visibility ahead, and better safety.

This design principle is also advantageous when it comes to maneuverability: The service space in front makes it easier to maneuver the unit through narrow aisles and past obstacles. “This increases safety and at the same time enables the ability to work faster and achieve higher pick rates,” said expert Lévêque. The driver himself is protected by a massive cast steel front bumper.



Another unique feature of the new Linde N20 is the fully suspended operator compartment which reduces the physical strain on the operator. Advanced damping technology absorbs vibrations and shocks that would otherwise have a negative impact on the performance and health of employees.

The new low-level order picker from Linde Material Handling comes in a wide range of models

The new low-level order picker from Linde Material Handling comes in a wide range of models

“We have been able to reduce the driver’s exposure to human vibration transmitted via the steering wheel and operator platform by around 30 per cent,” said Lévêque.

In addition, there are numerous other new ergonomic features, including a rounded backrest, cushioned knee protection and a height-adjustable steering wheel. The drive switches can be operated from both sides using thumbs and forefingers and the functions of “raising” and “lowering” via a switch above the backrest. “In this way, the operator is automatically looking in the direction of the fork arms when activating the main lift, which is a crucial factor for safety,” said product manager Lévêque, adding that the Linde Curve Control for automatic adjustment of cornering speed has been fitted as standard and the Linde BlueSpot can optionally be integrated in the chassis front.



As picking applications can differ fundamentally, Linde offers a wide range of variants for its new series. A total of ten versions are available, all of them featuring an initial lift function. The Linde N20 B, N20 and N25 or N20/N25 HP models are designed for transporting goods at ground level. With the Linde N16 Li, the operator can lift the load to heights of up to 790 mm.

If two different customer orders are to be picked directly one after the other, the double stacker variants Linde N20 D and N20 D HP are recommended – both can lift loads of up to 1200 kilograms to a height of around two metres. Picking two jobs is even more efficient using the N20 LoL model variant, which is equipped with extended load arms. In addition, customers benefit from a wide range of options with regard to drive technology – proven lead-acid or modern lithium-ion batteries – and in terms of fleet management integration using the “Linde connect” system.



The new Linde N20 order pickers complement the Linde N20 C series models which feature an operator compartment behind the battery and were launched a few months ago.

Together with the new Linde N20 C order pickers, Linde Material Handling is the only manufacturer offering two different vehicle concepts to serve the most diverse customer needs, it said.

The Linde N20 C models, capable of handling loads between 1.2 and 2.5 tonnes, have been designed to allow operators of mixed fleets of machines to switch between Linde’s and other manufacturer’s models without requiring a rethink of how the vehicle is to be operated. 

Reaching speeds of up to 14km/h, the low-level order pickers are available with either tried-and-tested lead-acid batteries or modern lithium-ion versions, both ranging from 345 Ah to 620 Ah and a selection of different chargers to ensure the most suitable solution for the customer.

Linde Material Handling, a Kion Group company, is a leading global manufacturer of forklift trucks and warehouse trucks, and a solutions and service provider for intralogistics. With a sales and service network that spans more than 100 countries, the company is represented in all major regions around the world.

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