NAQEL: new solutions

NAQEL: new solutions

NAQEL: delivering ‘logistics with care’

The firm has implemented its own delivery route optimisation tool called ‘Pointer’ which is helping it to plan the delivery schedule and render optimal service level to its customers

October 2019

The oil and gas sector in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf countries plays a pivotal role in meeting the energy requirements of the world. Being the largest domestic logistics service provider in Saudi Arabia, NAQEL is currently working with thousands of customers and suppliers in the energy sector to meet their specific logistics needs.

“The company’s 3,500 plus employees across more than 49 operational facilities in the kingdom are fulfilling our ‘Care Philosophy’ at all the customer touchpoints,” said Eng Nayef Al Solaimi, director of NAQEL’s Energy & Mining Operations.

While aiming to deliver ‘Logistics with Care’ at every customer touchpoint, NAQEL has implemented new solutions aimed at further improving operational efficiency and customer experience. The company has implemented its own delivery route optimisation tool called ‘Pointer’ which is helping its couriers and operations staff to effectively plan the delivery schedule and render optimal service level to its customers. 

Here are few example of NAQEL’s offering across key customer touchpoints:

Products and services: NAQEL is delivering fully integrated logistics solutions to its customers in the oil and gas sector based on their specific needs. It includes end-to-end supply chain solutions covering international freight transportation, customs clearance at both airports and seaports, warehousing, distribution and express delivery of shipments of all sizes to the end customers. The company also transports oversize and heavy weight shipments requiring specialised handling and provides time-sensitive logistics services during plant shutdown.

Safety management system: Safety and security lies in the heart of the NAQEL’s customer operations for the energy sector. All the relevant safety aspects are taken care by dedicated safety management team in compliance with standards set by the company and its customers.

The company implemented a safety management system which is also easily integrated to customer’s safety management system and smoothly processes various activities such as incident notification, security access controls, etc.

Control centre: Given the complexity of logistics requirements in the oil and gas sector, NAQEL provides a 24x7 support to its customers through it control centre. The control centre is responsible for ‘real-time’ monitoring of the movement of customer shipments and trailers carrying those shipments using GPS and RFID tools.

Emergency shipments: Special care is taken in the delivery of time critical emergency shipments which are typically delivered within 12 to 24 hours to any location in Saudi Arabia including the remotest locations. NAQEL strives to maintain delivery performance of over 97 per cent on time sensitive shipments.

Customs clearance: In order to ensure enhanced care for international air shipments, NAQEL has set-up its own facilities in all the three international airports in Saudi Arabia: Dammam, Jeddah and Riyadh airports. The company has mobilised dedicated teams to support customs clearance at all the airports and seaports.

Order and shipment visibility: NAQEL has implemented tracking solutions which could be also integrated with client’s system in order to render complete ‘peace of mind’ for customers. Customers are able to track the movements and status of their goods right from the order management stage until delivery using a range of online channels – mobile, web and social media tools.

Call centre support: At NAQEL, customers typically enjoy 24x7 support from their dedicated call centre. Customer’s pick-up requests, queries and complaints are handled by a team of customer service agents specialised in supporting customers from energy sector.

Insurance and claim management: NAQEL has deployed an insurance and claim management team dedicated for the oil and gas sector. Customer claims are processed with utmost care and are typically closed within two weeks.

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