Birch Chemical’s Innovox sachet bags sport new packaging

Birch Chemical’s Innovox sachet bags sport new packaging

New branding for Innovox bags

Birch Chemicals introduces bold packaging design

August 2019

Birch Chemicals, the UK manufacturer of high performance rubber, plastics and coatings additives, has refreshed its packaging with a bold new design.

It follows its recent rebranding from Innovo to Birch Chemicals, to reflect the company’s continued growth and plans for expansion, according to a company statement.

The company has now overhauled bags for its best-selling Innovox range, a high-performing calcium oxide desiccant which is used in a variety of applications, including EPDM rubber products, which are used in car and aeroplane manufacture.

The Innovoh range of calcium hydroxide curing agents are used in FKM rubber products.

Innovox is part of a range sold worldwide through a distribution network, and is a premium product which delivers excellent performance, consistency and availability. The product itself will remain exactly same, however, from new colours will be introduced on packaging across the range.

Innovox sachets bags will remain grey, as per the existing packaging, and Innovox loose powder bags will become purple, for easy recognition. Innovoh / Innovox OH calcium hydroxide bags become blue, whether in sachets or loose powder and the Masterox range of calcium oxides for plastic applications will be orange. The new bags also incorporate Birch Chemicals’ latest development in bag construction.

The improved design is easier to open, reduces the risk of downstream contamination in processes and provides guaranteed product protection. Once opened, the bags are simply folded down and closed to protect any remaining product.

Steve Foster, Birch Chemicals managing director, said: “At Birch Chemicals, we are committed to continuing to develop cutting-edge solutions for our customers.

“We therefore work very hard to make sure what goes into them delivers the high-quality result that the company is known for.

“With this new packaging, we are also demonstrating that we care just as much about what the product goes into as what goes into the product, with an improved design and easily recognisable colour scheme.”

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