Snetor tops Middle East and Africa ranking

July 2019

SNETOR, a leading player in trade and distribution of plastic raw materials and chemical products worldwide, has topped the 10th ICIS Top 100 Chemical Distributors ranking in the Middle East and Africa.

The France-headquartered company has topped the ICIS 2019 chemical distributors ranking in the Middle East and Africa with $856 million in sales, ICIS independent research has shown.

Snetor continues to reinforce its presence in Africa and the Middle East while also gaining ground globally, where it comes in at 11th position with total 2018 sales of $1.36 billion. Today, it operates in more than 70 countries offering a full range of plastics and chemical products.

Snetor is followed in the Middle East and Africa ranking by Dubai-based Petrochem Middle East with $794 million in sales. Pluschem, the European network of independent distributors, comes in third with $750 million, followed by Tricon Energy with sales of $647 million. South Africa-based Protea Chemicals is in fifth position with sales of $313 million.

“While branded the ICIS Top 100 Chemical Distributors, this comprehensive global listing includes a total of almost 250 companies ‒ a diverse group that serve the needs of customers and suppliers across the supply chain,” said Joseph Chang, global editor of ICIS Chemical Business.

The ranking was compiled by ICIS with the support of the US-based National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD), the European Association of Chemical Distributors (FECC), Brazilian Association of Chemical and Petrochemical Distributors (ASSOCIQUIM), Responsible Distribution Canada (RDC), the UK-based Chemical Business Association and the International Chemical Trade Association (ICTA).


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