Horeca Trade to resume operations under Bidfood name

July 2019

HORECA TRADE, one of the leading foodservice distributors in the UAE, has announced that it will resume operations under the Bidfood name starting July.

For 16 years, Horeca Trade has been taking on multiple UAE foodservice channels under its wings, offering an extensive food and beverage portfolio that boasts internationally-recognised brands throughout the UAE.

Together with sister companies Horeca Trade (Bahrain and Oman), Al Diyafa (Saudi Arabia), and Bidfood Jordan (Jordan), the company represents the Bidfood Group in the Middle East through more than 35 brands, 320 talents, and 14 cultures, and serves over 7,000 accounts via 300,000 deliveries per year across all five markets in the Middle East.

Horeca Trade’s rebranding, effective July 1, stems from a regional venture to become part of a greater network and to operate under the Bidfood umbrella representing the Group in the Middle East as Bidfood ME.

As a result, the brands’ respective identities will be modified to better represent the global Bidfood name, which entails a new logo, an adapted social media presence, a regional website, and bespoke collaterals paired with new concepts and ideas led by insight and research to strengthen and optimize service as well as partner and client relationships.

Bidfood UAE marketing manager Jad Asaad said: “This is an exciting step for us as it is a testament to our unstifled forward-thinking ways. With one face and one voice, we are more confident than ever about delivering outstanding product service solutions, market strategies, and sustainable business growth to our customers, suppliers, and shareholders alike.”

Despite the identity amendments, Horeca Trade’s company principles, business ethics, service excellence, and customer experience will remain firmly as a top priority as all five markets in the Middle East continue to serve with enthusiasm, honesty, optimism, and respect.

Asaad added: “As we embark on this exciting new journey as one connected network in the Middle East, we will carry on with our mission to inject social responsibility into our business models, and provide service solutions, market strategies and sustainable business growth to our clients, suppliers, and shareholders alike.”

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