Asian Paints officials at the launch of  its new brand identity in Bahrain

Asian Paints officials at the launch of its new brand identity in Bahrain

Asian Paints unveils new brand identity

The company’s new positioning integrates innovation, inspiration and partnership in its product offerings and relationships with channel partners and end-users

May 2019

Asian Paints, one of the top ten coatings companies in the world, has unveiled a new brand identity for its operations in Bahrain.

The newly unveiled brand, ‘Asian Paints Berger’ delivers a new positioning, “The Colour of Tomorrow” integrating the principles of ‘Innovation, Inspiration and Partnership’ in its product offerings and relationships with channel partners and end-users.

‘The Colour of Tomorrow’ concept symbolises a bold new commitment to Bahrain that factors in the Arabian Gulf’s differentiating geographical and environmental characteristics, said a statement from company.

The new positioning also references, the region’s and Bahrain’s values and distinctive cultural richness.

Underpinning the new logo and identity are three core values: cutting-edge innovation in product offerings, inspirational marketing, and true partnerships driving its retail strategies. The new concept places customer interests and preferences at the core of its corporate philosophy and marketing strategy.

On the new branding, Amit Bose, general manager for Berger Paints Bahrain, said: “Our new positioning, ‘The Colour of Tomorrow’, symbolises an organisation that truly understands the many shades and facets of our customers.”

“As one of the largest coatings companies in the world, we are constantly repositioning ourselves in true partnership with our distributors and consumers. In the journey ahead, Asian Paints Berger is committed to staying true to the three core pillars of our new identity: Innovation, Inspiration and Partnership” he stated.

Exemplifying its commitment to innovation, Asian Paints Berger has additionally announced the launch of ‘Royale Atmos Health Shield’ a ground-breaking technologically advanced product that kills more than 99 per cent bacteria on walls in less than two hours and refreshes indoor air quality by removing harmful pollutants such as formaldehyde emitted by furniture, air fresheners, cooking gas and other sources.

The product additionally improves the overall painting experience by incorporating activated charcoal meshes which absorb unpleasant smells and adding mild fragrance and splatter-free features, said Bose.

The company also unveiled an inspiration-filled colour trend book for 2019 designed to ignite consumers’ creative imaginings, encouraging them to express themselves through a rich palette of colours, he stated.

The brand makeover represents a new milestone in Asian Paints Berger’s four-decade presence in the Arabian region with a customer base distributed across Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UAE and Yemen, alongside Bahrain.

Over the years, the company has consistently innovated its offerings by introducing definitive products such as Royale, Weathercoat, Royale Play, Tuff, Select and Superflat gaining brand preference amongst its stakeholders, he added.

A signature feature of the company’s market positioning is its ‘Décor Lounges’ – dedicated stores where consumers are encouraged to explore the world of paints and colour in an authentic setting.

In line with the rebranding, these stores will also undergo a facelift. ‘Moodboards’ recreating the Colours of Arabia will introduce customers to shades that particularly resonate with Bahrain and the Arabian region.

According to Bose, the Asian Paints Berger is the fastest growing company in the GCC with manufacturing facility in Oman and the UAE apart from Bahrain.

Berger Paints Bahrain, which started its operations in the kingdom in 1981, has been at the forefront of the coatings industry, he stated.

With its established presence in retail markets, strong B2B products and solutions portfolio, the company has been at the forefront of the coatings industry in Bahrain, he added.

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