Hannun: bolstering trade ties between Brazil and Arab world

Hannun: bolstering trade ties between Brazil and Arab world

Brazil imports from Arab States reach $7.6bn

February 2019

The Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) revealed that Brazil imported goods worth $7.6 billion from the Arab world in 2018, recording a year-on-year (YoY) growth of 18 per cent in imports compared to $6.4 billion in 2017.

This amounts to 17.6 billion kg of goods in terms of volume. Exports to Brazil from the UAE climbed to $561 million from last year’s $186 million, recording a staggering 200 per cent YoY growth, said a statement from the organisation.

Saudi Arabian exports to Brazil accounted for $2.3 billion, up 23 per cent from 2017, while Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain exported goods worth $269 million, $212 million, $124 million and $116 million respectively to Brazil in 2018.

In terms of volume, these Arab countries exported goods worth 1.14 billion kg, 622 million kg, 391 million kg, and 280 million kg respectively.

The most exported items to Brazil from the Arab countries include mineral fuels, mineral oils, bituminous substances and mineral waxes; fertilisers; plastic; salt and sulphur; earth and stone; plastering materials, lime and cement; organic chemicals; and fish, crustaceans and mollusks, other aquatic invertebrates, preparations of vegetables, fruit, nuts or other parts of plants; glass and glassware.

Rubens Hannun, president, ABCC, said: “The figures for 2018 once again reflect the success of our efforts to bolster the existing trade ties between Brazil and the Arab countries.”

“Thanks to the shared commitment by both parties, products from Arab countries continue to find newer markets in Brazil and we expect these figures to rise further in 2019,” he added.

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