(from left to right) Kumar and Steve Hankins at Unique Group’s 2018 Adipec stand

(from left to right) Kumar and Steve Hankins at Unique Group’s 2018 Adipec stand

Unique to offer corrosion solutions

The solutions include cathodic protection (CP), permanent CP monitoring; CP design and engineering and corrosion inspection and survey

December 2018

Unique Group, one of the world’s most prominent integrated subsea and offshore solution providers, has signed a partnership agreement with Deepwater Corrosion Services to offer technologically advanced corrosion control solutions in the Middle East.

Over the past 30 years, Deepwater, which has offices worldwide, has been delivering world-class solutions to protect offshore infrastructure from corrosion by developing more efficient systems to protect, monitor and extend the productive lives of ageing assets.

The solutions include cathodic protection (CP), permanent CP monitoring, CP design & engineering and corrosion inspection & survey.

Deepwater’s sacrificial (SACP) and impressed current (ICCP) systems are well known in the corrosion industry as the designs are easily retrofitted.

SACP systems include the RetroPod, RetroLink, RetroMat and RetroSled, all connected using the RetroClamp system, which can also be used to install and connect permanent monitoring systems. Some of the ICCP systems are RetroBuoy and RetroBuoy Junior, RetroMat ICCP and the Raparound Anode System.

Sharad Kumar, group director business development at Unique Group, commented: “We’re pleased to have partnered with Deepwater for the Middle East region to offer our customers the best-in-class offshore corrosion protection systems designed and built in America. Our Survey Equipment division has been offering a wide range of products for inspection and corrosion monitoring for several years; with the inclusion of a new lineup of Deepwater products, we’re looking forward to enhance customer experience by helping them extend the life of their ageing offshore and marine assets.”

Steve Hankins, technical sales manager at Deepwater, commented: “Deepwater is pleased to have partnered with Unique Group, one of the world’s leading equipment suppliers in the Middle East region. Over the past three decades, our cathodic protection systems have been providing a more efficient and affordable alternative to conventionally available systems in the market across Europe and the Americas. We now look forward to introducing our corrosion protection technologies in the Middle East region with the same level of service and quality as seen in the other parts of the world.”

Founded in 1993 Unique Group is a leading player in the delivery of engineering expertise, sales and rental equipment and the latest technology for the marine, diving, pipeline and subsea market sectors. It provides bespoke, off-the-shelf engineering solutions and cost efficiencies across the oil and gas supply chain – onshore and offshore, surface and subsea. The group employs over 500 people worldwide through its seven multi-site divisions: survey equipment; marine & subsea; diving & life support; buoyancy & ballast; on-site engineering; specialised boats and medical technology. Its 200-plus engineering specialists work across nine global oil and gas regions – the US, the UK, Europe, Singapore, India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE.

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