The VL-VM series: stylish and durable

The VL-VM series: stylish and durable

New video intercom systems launched

Panasonic hopes to address the market’s increasing demand for advanced electronic video surveillance solutions, which is anticipated to grow to $4.45 billion in 2022

November 2018

Panasonic, a leader in the development of diverse electronics technologies and solutions, is expanding its range of cutting-edge video intercom systems in the Middle Eastern market with the introduction of the VL-VM series Analog Video Intercom System.

Debuting at the Gitex Technology Week, which was held last month at the Dubai World Trade Center, the VL-VM series is expandable from two to 32 rooms with various monitor line-up, making it ideal for apartment complexes and condominiums.

The region’s physical security industry continues to grow with government regulations, infrastructural investments, booming tourism industry and increasing awareness on the benefits of new security technologies as among the key drivers, it said.

With the launch, Panasonic hopes to address the market’s increasing demand for advanced electronic video surveillance solutions, which, based on the latest industry reports, is anticipated to grow to $4.45 billion in 2022, it added.

Akira Miyajima, general manager, communications product business division, Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa (PMMAF), said: “Consistent with our aim of bringing a better life for our customers in the Middle East, we will keep innovating by creating high quality solutions and products built upon our 100 years of technological expertise.”

“We understand how important security is in today’s complex world, so we have come up with the VL-VM series Analog Video Intercom System, embedded with user-friendly technology and top-notch features that perfectly fit your needs,” he said.

“For one, the doorphone of the VL-VM series features a wide-angle lens covering 170 degrees horizontally and 110 degrees vertically, which are both well above industry average. This capability alone provides users a new level of security and convenience,” he added.

Stylish and durable, the VL-VM series features large, elegant call buttons with integrated nameplates on a minimalist metal front panels. They also come with backlight making them visible in the dark and therefore enhances their operability and visibility, said a statement.

These panels are built to last carrying IP55 and IK08 certifications, thus guaranteeing complete protection from water, dust and other particles. Perfectly formed and flexible, they support easy installation with their compact design, it said.

Moreover, the VL-VM series’ flexible and modular structure allows customers to tailor the system size, design and functions to according to their needs. The video intercom system can be expanded and modified at any time by exchanging or adding modules. The VL-VM series also supports the two main wiring methods, star and bus, for hassle-free installation.

Maintenance is also easy with the VL-VM series. Changing the characters or fonts on the nameplates is simple as these nameplates can be easily removed by hand. To prohibit front access to the nameplates and guard against tampering, customers can secure them with screws.

Other features include electric lock releases capability, which gives unit owners ability to remotely release door locks through the intercom system, and the Voice Change Function, which makes a woman›s voice (higher keys) sounds like a man›s (lower keys) when speaking with a visitor.

Finally, there is also the monitoring function, which allows users to activate the external camera and check the area outside, even when the outer bell-button has not been pressed, it stated.

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