Dr McCann: strong outlook

Dr McCann: strong outlook

EBK invests in new equipment

The company has secured several recent contracts in the North Sea and is experiencing strong demand in the Middle East, Africa and North America

October 2018

Eisenbau Krämer (EBK), a leading producer of longitudinally welded steel pipe, has announced a multi-million euro investment in equipment to enhance its products and services

The investment programme across the company’s three production bases in Germany coincides with signs of a recovery in the global oil and gas industry and EBK’s commitment to maintain its position as the market leader for specialised pipe solutions, the company said in a statement.

EBK has made significant investments in enhancing pipe end dimensional and shape tolerances, including state-of-the-art laser measurement technologies and a further process of pipe end expansion, which will enhance consistency in areas of ovality and out-of-roundness.

Further investments have been made to enhance EBK’s existing capabilities in pipe profile cutting, full body pipe measuring, pipe tracking and traceability and plate edge crimping. These investments, when coupled with EBK’s ongoing internal research and development (R&D) activities, will help maintain a position of technical leadership for the company.

In the next few months EBK will launch an internal programme focusing on areas such as time and waste reduction, increasing product quality and improved delivery performance across all
its activities.

The investment programme comes as EBK sees an improvement in industry confidence, with a number of key projects progressing beyond final investment decisions. The company has secured several recent contracts in the North Sea, particularly the Norwegian sector, as well as experiencing strong demand in the Middle East, Africa and North America.

“While the industry has not returned to a full recovery by any means, we believe that the outlook looks strong, particularly in the business for structural steels and specialised products such as corrosion resistant alloys,” said EBK technical managing director Dr Scott McCann.

“To support and sustain this return to confidence our customers require innovative thinking from us to deliver the highest quality products possible at an affordable price. Our aim is to provide products and services that not only meet expectations, especially in dimensional control and toughness, but exceed them.”

A leading global player in special large diameter steel pipe production, EBK was founded in 1921. The quality and reliability of EBK’s longitudinally submerged arc welded steel pipes has enabled the company to become a truly global supplier to the oil, gas and power industries, the offshore and onshore construction sectors as well as machinery equipment pipes.

Operating from three production bases in Germany, with a combined yearly capacity of 100,000 tonnes and the most modern production equipment in the world, EBK’s range of carbon and alloy pipes surpass the most stringent international quality standards.

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