Inma Steel: extensively experienced

Inma Steel: extensively experienced

Inma Steel: marching ahead

The wholly-owned subsidiary of Saudi Arabia’s Alturki Holding has extensive experience in the construction, repair and refurbishment of storage tanks

October 2018

Inma Steel, a subsidiary of Alturki Holding Co, is a market leader in custom-built process equipment fabrication and specialised industrial preventive and corrective maintenance services such as equipment installation, mechanical repairs, plant turnaround and shutdown services.

Inma has extensive experience in the construction, repair and refurbishment of storage tanks, says V L Arunkumar, sales and marketing manager, Inma Steel.

The company has successfully completed several projects involving tank construction, tank bottom replacement including installation of CP (cathodic protection) system for Sabic affiliates and Saudi Aramco plants, he said.

Inma Steel is an approved vendors for Sabic, Saudi Aramco, Tasnee, Sipchem, Sasref, Saudi Advanced Industries Company, Maaden, S-Chem, Sahara, SEC, Yasref and Sadara.

“Through a highly experienced project management team Inma Steel has successfully executed several turnaround and shutdown projects at Sabic affiliates, Saudi Aramco, Sipchem, Tasnee plants and other industries with Zero LTI and well appreciated quality within the given time frame. Innovative ideas for problem solving and ability to deliver are the key strengths of Inma Steel,” he said.

The company undertakes engineering, procurement, construction and field erection of API tanks for the storage of oil and water and acid, caustic and other miscellaneous chemicals.

It performs storage tank repairs including repair/replacement of tank bottom plates including annular plates; providing cathodic protection and associated civil works including repair of foundation; repair and replacement of tank shell courses; tank roof repairs/replacements; additions, deletions and repair of nozzle and miscellaneous weld repairs.

Inma Steel is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alturki Holding. Khalid Ali Alturki & Sons Holding (Alturki Holding) is a leading family owned investment and development group that has been operating in Saudi Arabia since 1975.

Its subsidiaries and joint venture companies are focused primarily on the building materials, infrastructure, information and communication technology, industrial, oil field services, and real-estate sectors in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and neighbouring Arab countries.

Continued client satisfaction and confidence is how Inma Steel defines its success as evidenced by the number of repeat orders received from customers with whom the company conducts business.

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