Anabeeb: a major presence in the industrial cities

Anabeeb: a major presence in the industrial cities

Anabeeb expects market to pick up

October 2018

Saudi-based industrial services leader Anabeeb covers over 50 clients in the petrochemical, minerals, oil and gas and utilities sectors in Jubail, Saudi Arabia’s industrial powerhouse.

The major clients are Sabic and its affiliates, Saudi Aramco and its joint ventures, Maaden Phosphate and others, said Abdulrahman Aggad, field operations manager, Anabeeb.

“We execute major turnaround activities including mechanical works, repairs and modification, catalyst handling and chemical cleaning. We provide more than 50 service items to our clients. We also provide them with planning services for their shutdowns and maintenance.

“This makes us the biggest and the most reliable contractor in the GCC and Middle East region for providing end-to-end industrial maintenance services,” Aggad said.

Anabeeb also has implemented new technologies including scaffolding, dry ice blasting, on-site metal disintegration and online valve integrity testing in Jubail and Yanbu region, to support downstream industries with services that are high in safety and quality. Besides Anabeeb sees that these projects are executed timely and within the budget.

“We are also planning to develop sandblasting and painting in-house facility,” said LivinPunithan, Yanbu manager.

Aggad said that since the majority of Saudi Arabia’s petrochemical and refinery sector are based in Jubail and Yanbu it gives Anabeeb easy access to their plants and facilities.

Jubail is also situated between the northern and southern oil fields enabling Aramco to build most of its infrastructure within the region; this makes it favourable to have a presence in Jubail to serve Anabeeb’s clients at any given time. Furthermore, its coastlines serve as a link between other GCC markets enabling easy mobilisation of resources, he said.

The region is recovering from the market slump due to the oil price shock in 2016. “So, we anticipate the market to pick up as there are a lot of investments in the downstream and transformational industries that will provide the growth and development we seek,” he added.

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