AYTB: scaling new heights

AYTB: scaling new heights

Crossing boundaries

A veteran in industrial services, fabrication, operation and maintenance as well as housing and catering, AYTB’s reliability and sustainability have been growing stronger

October 2018

Al YUSR Industrial Contracting Company (AYTB), a Saudi integrated group providing a range of services and solutions, believes that the strength of the organisation lies in its project management systems, skilled and dedicated human resources.

“AYTB is a learning organisation as upon the completion of each project the performance is reviewed. A list of lessons learnt is compiled for future implementation and considerable emphasis is placed on training and development of the workforce for technical and soft skills,”said a company spokesman.

Boasting over 39 years’ experience in the fields of construction, fabrication, industrial services, operation and maintenance and as well housing and catering, AYTB’s reliability and sustainability have been growing stronger. It has capitalised on the strengths of all divisions within AYTB. Acquisition of know-how and technology have also been a priority to improve capabilities and remain one of the market leaders in those industries, he said.

AYTB has always participated in all Saudi important industrial conferences on downstream and other related industries, sharing its experience as well as learning from major clients and partners.



The company has the capability to offer construction services as a general contractor taking up civil, mechanical and E&I works. The capability includes the ability to work for both greenfield and brownfield projects. Assistance is also offered during the commissioning stage of process plants. The company has the capability to undertake system flushing, chemical cleaning and catalyst loading, he continued.

Working in live plant environments, undertaking de-bottlenecking projects, is an AYTB niche, he said. The resources and management systems deployed understand typical procedural and interface requirements. AYTB’s construction, manufacturing and fabrication services also have a distinguished record of managing a large number of people and equipment to undertake construction of grassroots industrial plants and effect major additions to existing units.

These projects include mechanical erection, electrical and instrumentation in addition to managing civil and building works. The expertise is not limited to steel structures, pipe spools, static and rotating equipment erection, heavy lift management, HVAC, insulation and painting.

AYTB has significant presence in the field of plant turnarounds and shutdowns. It has the ability to undertake turnaround responsibilities of a complete plant on a vertical basis and can plan and mobilise substantial resources. Typically, activities undertaken during a turnaround include scaffolding, replacement of piping spools, valves, exchanger cleaning, column tray replacement and catalyst reloading. The availability of multi-lance automatic hydro-jetting machines and association with specialised services companies are a leverage for a safe and timely completion of plant turnarounds.

AYTB also has in-house capabilities for fabrication. The company owns and operates a factory with fabrication facilities and lay down yards in Jubail and Yanbu.

The Jubail fabrication facilities are ASME certified, with “U”, “PP”, “A”, “S” and “R” stamps. It is equipped with semiautomatic cutting, bevelling and welding equipment, plate rolling and shearing machines.

A separate machine shop is equipped with lathes, shapers, drilling and boring machines. The facility can handle several types of materials including carbon steel, low temperature carbon steel, stainless steel, low alloy and special alloy materials. The facility capabilities include over 400,000 ID of pipe spool fabrication per year.

AYTB is also undertaking the manufacturing and repairing of skids including modular metering and filtration skids.



AYTB has joined hands with a reputed French furnace tube manufacturer, Manoir Industries, to locally assemble radiant and convection coils for the petrochemical industry particularly ethylene furnaces and gas reformers. The company specialises in furnace, boiler and heat exchanger revamping works and has successfully executed revamping works in various hydrocarbon processing plants.



AYTB has partnered with Schlumberger ‘a major international oilfield services company’ to locally manufacture various oil and gas skids at its facilities located in Jubail. The association brings together solid reputation for state of the art engineering design and manufacture capabilities to serve offshore and onshore hydrocarbon recovery and treatment applications.



For AYTB safety is not an option. Good safety practices should build the foundation of a modern manufacturer’s safety culture. Too often, though, positive change comes only after a safety problem has occurred. But it doesn’t have to be that way, especially after integrating safety as an intrinsic part of the business, he said.

“We have done excellent job that was recognised by our clients and business partners and has been awarded repeatedly for millions of safe man-hours in almost every facility AYTB operates,» he said.



AYTB sees Saudi Vision 2030 as the vehicle that shall bring about massive economic and industrial changes in the kingdom. Together with the IKTVA programme, AYTB believes that it will open new opportunities for local businesses.

The company appreciates the potential and is in the planning stage for a new manufacturing facility at Ras Al Khair Industrial Area. AYTB CEO, Kevin Hudson, has emphasised the importance of bundling all capabilities more effectively to serve the Saudi oil and gas market even better.

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