Fichte will chair the debate

Fichte will chair the debate

Seatrade Maritime to highlight smart shipping

October 2018

The upcoming edition of Seatrade Maritime Middle East, to be held from October 29 to 31, will introduce a whole new session on smart shipping, focusing on unmanned vessels and autonomous logistics operations that are set to transform the way people and goods are being moved.

The motion titled “This House believes that the shipping industry is not ready to embrace smart shipping” follows the format of a Parliamentary Debate, on the opening day of the event.

The Seatrade Parliament Debate will bring together five leading figures from the regional shipping industry and from around the world to discuss fundamental questions such as what does the industry seek to achieve through capitalising on new technologies; how real are the efficiencies they offer and what regulatory framework amendments would be needed prior to implementation.

Three debaters will speak for the motion and three against. This will be followed by a floor debate involving members of the audience and, following a summary of the arguments, a vote will be taken on the motion.

Chris Hayman, chairman of Seatrade, said: “Smart technology holds immense potential to accelerate and enhance the future of the maritime industry. However, despite a range of benefits, the application of these technologies to shipping processes poses several challenges. Keeping pace with these developments, the upcoming Seatrade Parliamentary Debate seeks to examine the readiness of the regional shipping sector in incorporating smart technologies, and ways to navigate its associated challenges.”

Jasamin Fichte, managing partner, Fichte & Co will chair the debate and speakers for the motion will include Khalid Hashim, managing director, Precious Shipping; Ali Shehab Ahmad, deputy CEO, Kuwait Oil Tanker Company; and Captain David Stockley, COO, Oman Ship Management Company.

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