Dalby to expand into Middle East

The company says its advantages, particularly important in regions such as the Near and Middle East, are that its hooklift controls are all pneumatic

August 2018

Dalby, a company with 50 years’ experience in hydraulic hooklifts, aims to expand its operations into the Middle East and is looking for partners in the region, the company said.

Dalby designs, builds and markets hydraulic hooklifts for all types of 2- to 32-tonne vehicles, along with roll-off containers, and container trailers for road transport and agriculture. With its complementary offering, Dalby is a major player in the roll-off transport and handling equipment market in France.

Dalby will showcase its products at the IAA commercial vehicle trade show in Hannover, Germany, from September 20 to 27. Through its vast distribution and services network, Dalby offers its customers a comprehensive range of equipment for roll-off containers, designed to ensure efficiency, simplicity, reliability and cost-effectiveness, and assembled in its French manufacturing plants and workshops, the company said.

 “Dalby’s strength is its adaptability and flexibility. Our engineering teams are continuously developing or modernising our products and tailoring them to meet the specific needs of our customers,” it said.

“Another of Dalby’s advantages, particularly important in regions such as the Near and Middle East, are that its hooklift controls are all pneumatic. There are no electric sensors to be subjected to weather and terrain conditions. Our system is unaffected by dust and sand deposits and does not need any kind of special cleaning. As our pneumatic sensors are integrated, they do not get broken in the event of collisions. This system is also practical and easy during repairs and offers a minimum operation mode,” the company said.

 “Our customers are players in the environmental, agricultural, transport, building, rental, and trades sectors, as well as public authorities and services. The environmental sector, specifically waste collection and transfer, is constantly changing to meet new or amended standards. Dalby assists providers in these markets, helping them deliver suitable logistics solutions and facilitating the handling and transport of recyclable and non-recyclable products,” it continued.

For two years now, Dalby has worked with an international network of 15 distributors and a sales office in Peru dedicated to South American markets. Recent achievements with sales in Africa for cotton farming and waste management activities and the signing of a distribution agreement in Canada, have helped establish its credibility, it added.  

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