Representatives from Startup Bahrain pose for a group photo

Representatives from Startup Bahrain pose for a group photo

Bahrain team attends China startup summit

August 2018

A high-level Bahrain business delegation, led by the Startup Bahrain initiative - Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB), Tamkeen (Labour Fund), Ministry of Industry Commerce and Tourism, recently attended the RISE Hong Kong Summit, in China.

The summit, a leading business and entrepreneurship event in Asia, also saw the attendance of startup accelerators Brinc and C5 and the Nest.

As part of Bahrain’s participation at the summit, the delegation showcased the kingdom’s experience in providing a fertile, supportive environment that empowers start-ups and stimulates their growth, said a statement.

In addition, a special pavilion was devoted to shed light on Bahrain’s ecosystem. Over 350 speakers from the world’s largest companies, including Microsoft and Amazon, as well as start-ups from around the world, showcased their expertise at the conference, which brought together 15,000 entrepreneurs from over 100 countries, it said.

John Kilmartin, executive director of ICT, Bahrain Economic Development Board, said: “Conferences such as RISE Hong Kong are great platforms to promote Bahrain’s startup ecosystem and the milestones achieved in attracting and supporting startups in the kingdom.”

“StartupBahrain in cooperation with Tamkeen, continues to play a pivotal role in highlighting local startup success stories by sponsoring five Bahraini Startup founders to attend the conference with the objective of growing their businesses,” he said.

Tamkeen’s chief operations officer Qusay Al Arayedh said: “Attending such global event widens opportunities to learn from the best practices as well as showcase the Bahraini model of startup ecosystem and exchange expertise.”

“To ensure maximum exposure during this event, Tamkeen supported the participation of five startups, selected by a committee of specialists in the field of Information Technology and Communication,” he added.

StartupBahrain is a community initiative made up of startups, corporates, investors, incubators, educational institutions and the Bahrain government to promote startup culture in Bahrain.

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