Strata has won the contract to build parts for Boeing 777X

Strata has won the contract to build parts for Boeing 777X

Strata: touching greater heights

Strata Manufacturing, which has its production facilities in Al Ain, UAE, has evolved to become a tier-one supplier to the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers

July 2018

Strata Manufacturing, the aircraft parts maker owned by Abu Dhabi’s Mubadala Investment Company, has completed the industrialisation of the Airbus A350-900 elongated Flap Support Fairings (eFSFs) modification for Belgian aerospace company, Sociétés Anonyme Belge de Constructions Aéronautiques (Sabca).

The new eFSFs are designed to further optimise the aerodynamics, resulting in lower fuel burn and better economics for operators.

Ali Abdulla: new vision

Ali Abdulla: new vision

Strata and Sabca’s partnership and collaboration ensured that the lessons learned from the current Flap Support Fairings were incorporated in a “Design for Manufacture” (DFM) which led to establishing robust manufacturing methods for the new fairings. Strata was primarily responsible for the Manufacturing Engineering process of the Airbus eFSFs, which included defining the process and outlining the method of production, followed by tool design and manufacturing process. Strata has now managed to successfully industrialise the process within the scheduled timeframe, reaffirming its capabilities in the manufacture of Flap Support Fairings and its growing footprint in the global aerospace market.

Commenting on the achievement, Ismail Ali Abdulla, CEO of Strata, said: “Strata has once again proven that purposeful collaboration and technological leadership propel us to greater heights and allow us to showcase our evolving manufacturing capabilities. This latest development reinforces our strength in successfully managing complex work packages while maintaining delivery schedules. We are proud to supply integral aero-structures that are of the highest standards of quality, and this commitment to our partners makes us a vital link in the global supply chain.”

Thibauld Jongen, Sabca CEO, said: “Strata successfully performed the manufacturing engineering activities of the elongated Flap Support Fairing and is now focusing on the demanding production ramp-up. A key contributing factor to this success is the excellent teamwork and interpersonal connections between Strata and Sabca Teams, developed since 2012.”

Strata was awarded the landmark Sabca contract in 2012 to provide FSFs for the Airbus A350-900, cementing Strata’s standing as a pivotal partner in manufacturing A350 XWB aero-structures. Strata has managed to deliver more than 606 components of the Flap Support Fairings (FSFs) to SABCA to date.



In another development, Strata signed an agreement to manufacture Belly Fairings for the PC-24, a twin-engine business jet produced by Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland.

The manufacturing of the PC-24 Belly Fairings is the first step of a long-term agreement between Pilatus and Strata targeting the production of the complete PC-24 composite shipset requirement in the UAE, said a statement.

Ali Abdulla said: “This partnership with Pilatus marks the expansion of our global business portfolio as it takes on new projects and enhances its competitiveness in the global aerospace sector.”

“Our advanced technological operations and growing local capabilities demonstrate that the company is ready to venture into new territories, and explore competing opportunities that will drive our business forward,” he said.

Officials signing the agreement to manufacture PC-24 Belly Fairings for Pilatus Aircraft

Officials signing the agreement to manufacture PC-24 Belly Fairings for Pilatus Aircraft

Strata has partnerships with the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers. This latest agreement reinforces Strata’s credentials as a UAE success story with ambitions to be a global frontrunner in its field, it said.

Fredy Glarner, vice president manufacturing, Pilatus Aircraft Ltd, said: “The partnership with Strata is not only a key element of our strategy for the UAE to embed Strata into our global supply chain, but is also envisioned to become a pillar in our portfolio of local manufacturing projects.”

“We look forward to growing the relationship with Strata and we are confident that it will be a driving force to further the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 objectives,” he said.

Based at Nibras Al Ain Aerospace Park and employing more than 700 people of 30 different nationalities – with 51 per cent of its workforce being Emirati nationals and 41 per cent of employees being female - Strata has partnerships with Airbus, Boeing, and Leonardo Aero-structures Division, and is a supplier to FACC AG, SAAB, and SABCA.

The company is part of Mubadala’s aerospace, renewables and ICT platform, which aims to advance the development of a leading aerospace hub in the emirate, it stated.



The advanced composite aero structures manufacturing company has already announced a new contract award with Boeing.

The deal is to manufacture composite empennage ribs for Boeing’s new 777X airplane, Strata said in a statement.

The agreement is Strata’s first contracted statement of work for the 777X program, enabling the company to expand its role as a direct composite aero structures supplier to the US aviation giant.

Strata said it will manufacture 777X empennage ribs at its facility in the Nibras Al Ain Aerospace Park in Abu Dhabi. This is the fourth work package that Boeing has awarded to Strata since 2013.

Strata already manufactures empennage ribs for the 777 and vertical fin ribs for the 787 Dreamliner. In the future, Strata will be a supplier of the 787-vertical fin.

“Boeing is proud to advance our mutually beneficial strategic partnership with Mubadala in ways we strongly believe are delivering long-term benefits to the UAE’s economy and Boeing’s business growth,” said Bernard Dunn, president, Boeing Middle East, North Africa and Turkey.

“Building on its production for the 777 and 787, Strata will produce composite aero structures for the 777X, the world’s most efficient twinjet and an airplane selected by UAE customers.”

“The new 777X contract underscores Strata’s strong reputation, and the confidence of our partners, which we have earned by delivering high quality components to a globally renowned aviation giant,” added Ali Abdulla.

“Strata continues to be a leading example and proof that ‘Made in the UAE’ isn’t a goal for tomorrow, but a reality of today. Strata holds an important role in the evolution of Abu Dhabi towards becoming a global aerospace hub, and has become one of the leading employers for high value and fulfilling careers in the UAE.”



Established in 2009 to meet the demands of the 21st century aerospace industry, Strata was created through the formation of strategic partnerships with world-class aircraft manufacturers, such as Airbus, Boeing and Leonardo SpA. Aero-structures Division. The company has evolved to become a tier one supplier to FACC AG, SAAB and Sabca.

With production beginning in 2010, Strata combines leading-edge technology, best practice manufacturing processes, an integrated supply chain, and a high caliber workforce, to design, develop and manufacture aircraft major units and aero-structures - such as wings and empennages - for the next generation of commercial aircrafts.

Located in Nibras Al Ain Aerospace Park, Strata’s facility, which was expanded in 2015, currently delivers to its global customer base via a 31,500 sq m of production floor space.

In 2017, Strata announced plans to unveil a second cutting-edge facility adjacent to its current site, transforming its existing operational footprint and scale to over 60,000 sqm. The new ‘Factory of the Future’ model will adopt innovative solutions centered around 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies; such as industrial automation and cognitive capabilities.

Strata has quickly grown its work package line and signed contracts that exceed $5 billion, including new orders for highly complex parts, such as horizontal stabilizers for the Airbus A320 and vertical fins for the Boeing B787 Dreamliner aircraft. In 2017, Strata increased its delivery of aero-structures to a record 642 shipsets comprising more than 9,774 parts totaling sales of Dh 500 million, compared to 521 shipsets comprising 9,103 parts in 2016. Strata’s 2017 deliveries included the first shipset of its latest A350-900 Inboard Flaps Program to global partner, Airbus.

To support its rapid development, the company has also invested in building a robust local aerospace supply chain in Abu Dhabi to enhance its global competitiveness, with over 50 per cent of its 480+ suppliers being locally-based.

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