Pidilite eyes commercial flooring sector in GCC

June 2018

Pidilite Group, a leader in adhesives and construction chemicals in Asia, said one of its units, Pidilite MEA Chemicals Company, has joined forces with Stauf Klebstoffwerk, a leader in adhesive technology across Europe and North America, to launch its commercial flooring business in the GCC region.

Pidilite already has a significant presence in Middle East since 2003 through its adhesive, construction chemical and Industrial products businesses.

Through partnership with Stauf Klebstoffwerk, Pidilite aims to strengthen its presence in commercial flooring business in Middle East, said a top official.

“Pidilite’s edge comes from its deep understanding and connect with the consumers. Through this alliance, we will be introducing a wide range of technically-strong commercial flooring solutions from Europe and North America,” remarked Bharat Puri, the managing director of Pidilite Industries.

“The users will surely benefit from more choice, easy availability through Pidilite’s strong distribution and strong technical support as well as after sales service,” he added.

Pidilite Industries is a leading manufacturer of adhesives and sealants, construction chemicals, craftsmen products, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) products and polymer emulsions in India.

According to Puri, the commercial flooring offering is resilient flooring which requires soft cover with self-leveling compound and adhesive.

As part of partnership, Pidilite MEA Chemicals Company will produce self-levelling compound and primers at its Dubai facility in collaboration with Stauf. Further, it will also import adhesives for various applications from Germany. 

On the strategic tie-up, Volker Stauf, the managing director, Stauf Klebstoffwerk, said: “We believe that this partnership will be long and sustained one. Since Pidilite has an established brand image, there is an excellent value match between the Indian group and Stauf to meet the future needs of customers for quality products.”

“The company’s core competence lies in innovation in both technology and research and development (R&D) and providing effective training to the applicants,” stated Stauf.

“The collaboration is for the long term, and leverages the well-known strengths and capabilities of the two companies. It aims to provide best-in-class technology and products to customers through this collaboration,” he added.

The company’s product range also includes paint chemicals, automotive chemicals, art materials and stationery, fabric care, maintenance chemicals, industrial adhesives, industrial, textile resins and organic pigments and preparations.

The company’s principal brand Fevicol has become synonymous with adhesives to millions in India. The brand is ranked amongst the most trusted brands in the country.

Some of the company’s other major brands are M-Seal, Fevikwik, Fevistik, Roff, Dr. Fixit, Fevicryl, Motomax and Hobby Ideas.

Stauf Klebstoffwerk, founded in 1828, is one of the leaders in adhesive technology in Europe and North America.

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