JetMaster hand device left and automated system outside and inside on the right

JetMaster hand device left and automated system outside and inside on the right

JetMaster `can cut energy costs’

June 2018

Mycon GmbH, a sister company of industrial cleaning firm Kipp Umwelttechnik GmbH, said high energy costs due to dirty heat exchangers can be reduced significantly by using its automated cleaning system JetMaster.

“Finned heat exchangers get quickly polluted by pollens, sand, dust and other suspended particles in the environment, especially in the spring and summer. These form an insulating layer on the lamellae, which significantly reduces energy efficiency,” said the company.

“Nevertheless, to achieve the required cooling capacity, rotors have to turn faster and consume significantly more energy. Cooling capacity dependent production processes can also be affected. The operating times can also be significantly reduced by contamination, as these lead to corrosion of the slats,” it explained.

JetMaster makes the process of cleaning fin heat exchangers better, faster and more environmentally friendly, thus enabling significant savings in operating costs. The product works additive-free with 0.2-0.75 litres of water per minute, claimed the company.

With the JetMaster system, finned heat exchangers of any type can be cleaned by high-speed / cavitation effect, it said.

Produced by mycon GmbH, the system -- works gently with compressed air, uses small amounts of water from 0.20 to 075 litres of water per minute, and can therefore also be used in a moisture-sensitive environment.

The complete system JetMaster+ offers four different combination options, which can be tailored to the cleaning task. Using the high speed / cavitation effect, the system can remove even the hardest calcifications and large amounts of residue. Further, the gentle beam penetrates deeply into the devices without bending or damaging the fine fins. Possible damage to the lamellar surfaces, with the use of high pressure water cleaning, is completely eliminated with proper use of the JetMaster.

In addition to manually usable devices, mycon now also offers the option of automating the cleaning system for larger heat exchanger surfaces of any type.

To further make it a cost-effective solution, mycon and its sister company, Kipp Umwelttechnik have decided to introduce a special rental system in addition to the cleaning service.  For difficult first-time cleaning, a co-operating consultant from Kipp Umwelttechnik is provided for instruction and support when renting the equipment on request. Subsequent cleanings can usually be carried out independently by the customer alone or in the automation area at the push of a button.

“Main expense for the cleaning service for small heat exchangers is usually the long journey to the customer. The arrival / departure often takes more time than the entire cleaning. In the case of large lamellar surfaces, on the other hand, personnel costs and possible downtimes due to shutdown become significantly more important. Timely rental of the JetMaster system can significantly reduce cleaning costs,” the company said in a statement.

A big advantage of automated systems is their constant availability. In addition, if required, it is possible here, to leave the rotors in operation during cleaning or to switch off only the rotors which are currently overrunning the system.

mycon GmbH is involved with the development, production and sale of new products and automation technologies. It currently supplies to customers in approx 40 countries. In the field of industrial cleaning, Kipp Umwelttechnik is the specialist for cleaning in industry and for building cleaning.

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