Tahgahzait: strategic moves

Tahgahzait: strategic moves

Sleep Fine opens new production facility

June 2018

UAE-based Sleep Fine, a leading brand for luxury quality mattresses and foam products, has opened a new production facility in Sharjah of modern and classic sofas, including the popular Arabic majlis.

The 20,000-sq-ft production facility is located at the Sharjah Industrial Area 11 and will start operations in June this year, said a statement from the company.

Established in 1987, Sleep Fine is a leading UAE brand manufactured under the Salim and Sons Group which produces mattresses, sofa sets, and sofa beds, a diverse selection of different density foams.

The brand’s latest strategic move comes amid intensive government efforts to promote the tourism sector in Dubai and the UAE in line with UAE Vision 2021.

The company is gearing up to meet the growing demand in facilities and accessories within the industry.

The production facility will be equipped with advanced machineries, a showroom and the interior design division managed by the country’s famous home designer Rococo Interiors, also owned by the Salim and Sons Group, said a statement.

Apart from sofas, it will also produce headboards, divan base, curtains, wall papers, and home accessories supplies, it said.

Mohammad Tahgahzait, marketing manager, Sleep Fine, said: “Our growing market base and the robust interiors market prompted the company’s expansion particularly the sofas segment including the growing popularity of Arabic majlis even among non-Arabs.”

“We are also keen to capture the hotels and resorts market which are seeking for innovative products. The new factory is a significant asset that will add a strong value to the company’s growth,” he added.

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