Tahgahzait: the automation will save us time, money and enhance product quality

Tahgahzait: the automation will save us time, money and enhance product quality

Sleep Fine to open new factory in Sharjah

May 2018

Sleep Fine, a brand under the family enterprise Three Stars Foam Factory, will open its new state-of-the-art factory in Sharjah, UAE, in 2020 to increase its production capacity.

The facility will enable Sleep Fine to secure a larger market share amid rising demand for high-quality and sophisticated foam bed products, said a statement.

Sleep Fine’s landmark 60,000-sq-m new factory will be located Al Sajaa industrial area in Sharjah, which is being planned to become one of the largest industrial parks specialised in manufacturing mattresses and foam in the region upon its full completion, it said.

The facility will be equipped with state-of-the-art automated systems and equipment—helping increase the efficiency of its operations, it added.

Mohammad Tahgahzait, marketing manager, Three Star Foam Factory, said: “By automating the system across the new factory, we expect to see not only higher production capacity and profitability but also more enhanced production processes, from start to finish.”

“The automation will save us time, money, enhance product quality and fully enable us to avoid any wastage of precious resources. The new factory will also allow us to meet the ever-growing market demand for quality products,” he said.

Apart from the new factory being built in line with its expansion plan, Sleep Fine will develop novel and innovative products as well to help further improve the sleeping experience of its customers. This move is backed by studies that have found a strong correlation between sleep quality and new bedding systems, said a statement.

Tahgahzait added: “Leveraging the strength of Three Stars, Sleep Fine, which is now a household name in the Middle East, and its products are among the best in the industry. It enjoys high customer satisfaction rating because it understands their requirement for a peaceful sleep.”

Sleep Fine offers mattresses, divan base, headboards, pillows, mattress topper, and mattress protectors. At the crux of Sleep Fine’s success is Three Stars’ commitment to give every household in the Middle East a stress- and pain-free night’s sleep anchored on the fact that sufficient amount of sleep is an effective defence against a myriad of different health-related issues.

Established in 1987 with more than 300 employees, the family enterprise Three Stars is an ISO 9001-2015-, OSHAS 18001:2007-, and ISO 14001:2015-certified company and a member of the International Sleep Product Association in the US and the Sleep Good Feel Good Association in the UK.

With a 153,000-sq-ft facility and a state-of-the-art showroom in Sharjah, Three Stars produces 350 tons foam, 10,500 pieces of mattresses, and more than 200 numbers of sofa sets monthly. It is a pioneer in the production of high-quality mattresses, mattress base, and sofa sets.

Three Stars manufactures the Sleep Fine brand, which is popular for meeting international standards of excellence and focusing on innovation, affordability, and quality, it stated.

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