GPIC delegation at the 5th GPCA Research and Innovation Summit

GPIC delegation at the 5th GPCA Research and Innovation Summit

GPIC thrust on R&D

April 2018

A delegation from the Gulf Petrochemical Industry Company (GPIC) took part in the 5th edition of the Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association’s (GPCA) Research and Innovation Summit in Dubai, last month.

The delegation was led by the GPIC president and GPCA vice chairman Dr Abdulrahman Jawahery. Speaking on the occasion, he stressed the importance of participating in such specialised forums as an important platform for networking and exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences among Gulf companies to enhance their growth and prosperity.

Dr Jawahery was accompanied by GPIC Information Technology and Knowledge and member of the GPCA’s Research and Innovation Committee Adnan Al Mahmoud and company officials.

Dr Jawahery spoke about the importance of the research and development sector, stressing its importance to promote the petrochemicals and chemicals industry in the Gulf region and highlighting issues of strategic importance.

He also emphasised the company’s keenness to encourage a group of university students from Bahrain to take part in the second day of the forum as part of the “Leaders of Tomorrow” initiative aimed at empowering local human resources and bridging the gap between the sector and the academic community.

GPCA secretary general Dr Abdulwahab Al Saadoun said the industry’s progress can only be achieved through effective innovations derived from understanding the unique needs of the region. He said the GCC chemical industry should strive to maintain an active and sustainable life cycle to overcome any challenges and obstacles that can prevent commercial impact and maximize future growth.

GPCA Research and Innovation Committee chairman Dr Muayad Al-Qurtas delivered the opening speech. Keynote speakers included experts and specialists in research and innovation from around the region.

More than 150 participants from around the world attended the forum, held on the theme: “Dependence on Innovation: An Imperative”. It addressed issues from the perspective of processes and the environment.

The forum focused on opportunities for emerging companies and technology development centres, as well on specific successes in innovation in the petrochemical and chemical industries in the Gulf region.

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