Your window to the region’s industry sector

March 2018

Your window to the region’s industry sector

Gulf Industry provides the region’s industrial sector with a unique monthly review of everything that is of vital interest to readers – from departments covering electricity and power generation, communications and IT, environment and water to specific industry sectors such as building materials, agribusiness, food and beverages and many more.

Each month Gulf Industry provides the most comprehensive round up of industry news supplemented by interesting interviews, features and analysis. Key economic indicators provide hard factual information allowing for trend analysis. Monthly detailed listings of contracts and tenders give readers unparalleled insight into the opportunities available in the region’s industrial sector.

The magazine’s circulation throughout the region and internationally makes it a unique window into the Gulf’s manufacturing sector.



• Country Focus: Bahrain

• Industrial Sector Review: Food Processing

• Industry Innovations: Manufacturing Technology

• Industrial Sector Review: Aluminium

• Industry Services: Logistics

• Industry Essentials: Warehousing

• Industry Events: Steelfab, Sharjah, UAE




• Country Focus: Saudi Arabia

• Industrial Sector Review: Glass

• Industrial Sector Review: Steel Products

• Industry Essentials: Industrial Fabrication

• Industry Essentials: Turbines

• Industry Innovations: Industrial Internet of Things

• Industry Events: Gulf Industry Fair, Bahrain




• Country Focus: UAE (Ras Al Khaimah)

• Industrial Sector Review: Paints & Coatings

• Industry Innovations: 3D Printing

• Industry Essentials: Fire Prevention & Safety

• Industry Essentials: Rubber

• Industrial Sector Review: Power Generation

• Investment Area Focus: King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) ( Saudi Arabia)

• Industry Events:The Big 5 Saudi, Jeddah, KSA

• Industry Events: Middle East Electricity, Dubai,UAE

• Industry Events: Middle East Geosciences (GEO), Bahrain

• Industry Events: Big 5 Heavy, Dubai, UAE

• Industry Events: Oman Oil and Gas Exhibition

and Conference (OGWA), Oman




• Country Focus: Kuwait

• Industry Innovations: Pollution Control

• Industrial Area Report: Khalifa Industrial Zone (KIZAD) (Abu Dhabi UAE )

• Industrial Sector Review: Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

• Industrial Sector Review: Pipes & Pipelines




• Country Focus: Saudi Arabia (Eastern Province)

• Industry Innovations: Water & Wastewater

• Industrial Sector Review: Petrochemicals

• Industry Essentials: Measuring & Testing Equipment

• Industry Essentials: Electrical & Lighting Products

• Industrial Sector Review: Packaging




• Country Focus: Saudi Arabia (Riyadh)

• Industrial Sector Review: Steel

• Industrial Sector Review: Maritime Industries

• Industrial Area Report: Sohar Port & Freezone (OMAN)

• Industry Innovations: Pressure Vessels, Heat

Exchangers & Tanks

• Industry Essentials: Adhesives & Sealants




• Country Focus: Saudi Arabia (Jeddah)

• Industrial Sector Review: Aviation

• Industry Essentials: Machines & Tools

• Industrial Area Report: Sharjah Free Zones (UAE )

• Industry Innovations: Chemicals




• Country Focus: Iraq

• Country Focus: UAE

• Industry Essentials: Cranes & Hoists

• Industrial Giants: Sabic

• Industry Essentials: Wires & Cables

• Industry Innovations: Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID)

• Industrial Sector Review: Plastics

• Industrial Sector Review: Textiles




• Country Focus: UAE (Abu Dhabi Industries)

• Industry Services: Logistics

• Industry Essentials: Vehicles & Transportation

• Industry Essentials: Fire Protection & Safety

• Industrial Sector Review: Aluminium

• Industry Innovations: Automation & Robotics




• Country Focus: Saudi Arabia (Jubail & Yanbu)

• Industrial Sector Review: Steel

• Industrial Sector Review: Building Materials

• Industry Innovations: Environmental Technologies

• Industry Essentials: Valves, Pumps & Compressors

• Industry Essentials: Material Handling

• Industry Events: Middle East Petrotech, Bahrain




• Country Focus: Oman

• Industrial Area Report: Jebel Ali Free Zone (UAE )

• Industry Essentials: Solar Power

• Industry Innovations: Product R&D

• Industry Essentials: Plastics

• Industrial Sector Review: Industrial Metals




• Country Focus: UAE (Dubai)

• Industrial Area Report: Jubail & Yanbu (Saudi Arabia)

• Industrial Sector Review: Petrochemicals

• Industry Essentials: Corrosion Protection

• Industrial Sector Review: Renewable Energy

• Industry Innovations: Mobile Applications for Industry

• Industrial Sector Review: Packaging

• Industry Essentials: Calibration Equipment and Services

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