Shakti Mining will showcase SMAN Cone Crushers at the Big 5 Heavy 2018

Shakti Mining will showcase SMAN Cone Crushers at the Big 5 Heavy 2018

Heavyweights on display

A wide range of products will be on display throughout the exhibition space representing the broad offering of heavy equipment and building solutions

March 2018

From concrete to PMV to mining and quarrying, the Big 5 Heavy 2018 exhibition will focus on these and other product sectors with leading brands joining the line-up showcasing their products at the event.

Listed are just a handful of products on display throughout the exhibition space – together they represent the broad offering of heavy equipment and building solutions brought to industry stakeholders by The Big 5 Heavy 2018.



Weckenmann’s Mobile Battery Mould will be on display

Weckenmann’s Mobile Battery Mould will be on display

Exhibitor AC Amadio & C is displaying Rapideck, which is a system of horizontal formwork, ideal for all types of reinforce concrete decks of large dimensions casted in place. It is recognisable for its speed and safety during assembly and RapiDeck (1) disassembly thanks to the reduced number of elements (highly integrated with each other and interchangeable) and a full range of accessories (props DIN EN 1065), with which one can make any kind of configuration in an easy and economical way, minimising and facilitating the infill zone needed and the side closing.

Exhibitor Asa will be presenting aSa ProRebar. ProRebar is an advanced 3D CAD software tool used to model, detail, and schedule reinforced concrete structures. In addition to improving project turn-around time, the system allows concrete and reinforcement bars to be fully realized components of each project’s vision via Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Daliform is exhibiting IGLU. The IGLU is a market leading product that was created and patented for the realisation of sanitary spaces, ventilated cavities, under-floor cavities, ventilated floors and roofs during the construction and restructuring of civil and industrial buildings. The modular, plastic Iglu’ formworks, placed side by side in sequence according to a predefined direction, make it easy to quickly create a self-supporting pedestrian platform.

Dr Schulze is displaying Diamond Core Drilling Machines at the event. This technology provides very high drilling speed and excellent precision, which is necessary for running of different installations (water, waste water, current, ventilation etc.), for making any openings by drilling out the perimeter (perforation), for providing drillings of large depth for attachment of old foundations as well as in many further applications.

Batmatic’s model VR70 is a walk behind roller

Batmatic’s model VR70 is a walk behind roller

Slipform Systems will inform its visitors about Standard Slipforming, which are used for round and rectangular tower-shaped structures with a constant cross-section. Their main application consists of building all kinds of single-compartment and multi-compartment silos, as well as cylindrical flue-gas stacks and bridge pillars.

Weckenmann will talk about its product Mobile Battery Mould. Weckenmann developed a concept of transportable formwork for the vertical manufacturing of flat precast concrete elements in form of a field factory - the ideal solution for large temporary construction sites. Its investment costs are low and, due to its compact design, it requires a relatively small installation footprint to produce elements just-in-time.

Zenith is exhibiting its product Zanith Model 940 at the event. Stationary multilayer machine designed for economic mass production of paving stones. The machines uses pallets and is fully automatic.



Batmatic plans to exhibit its product VR70. The model VR70 is a walk behind roller suitable for compacting and maintenance of asphalted surfaces.

Magna Tyres will offer MA02. The Magna MA02 is designed for use on wheel loaders, articulated dump trucks, scrapers and dozers. Sidewall protection and flotation are enhanced by the side shoulder design.

Raimondi Cranes will display Raimondi MRT234 Tower Crane. The Raimondi MRT234 is a flattop tower crane with a maximum length jib of 70m and a maximum capacity of 12,000 kg, with four falls configuration. At the maximum radius, it can lift 2250 kg in Ultralift mode. Eight different jib length configurations, from 70m to 28m, satisfy all needs in terms of specific jobsite configurations. The MRT234 may be equipped with two different hoisting winches: standard installed power of 45kW or the more powerful 55kW.



Interkraz plans to unveil Roof Bolts. Resin anchor bolts are used for reinforcement in underground mining and tunneling as an independent or supplementary support system. They are also designed for suspension of equipment in mines of various types (coal, salt, copper, lead, zinc and others).

Shakti Mining will talk about SMAN Cone Crushers. SMAN Cone Crushers are the ultimate solution for secondary stage crushing to achieve uniform product size of hard rocks, ores and minerals. Designed as per the most advance crushing techniques with precise machining process helps in achieving an accurate Gyro Crushing action.

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