Interpipe: contributing to various projects in the GCC region

Interpipe: contributing to various projects in the GCC region

Interpipe hits a new milestone

The leading global producer of steel pipes and railway wheels, based in Ukraine reaches milestone, supplying a million tonnes of pipe products to the Middle East

February 2018

Ukraine-based Interpipe, a global steel pipe and railway wheel producer, has reached a key milestone in its Middle East operations, with over a million tonnes of pipe products delivered to its various customers in the region over the past decade.

The company’s milestone coincides with the 10th anniversary celebration of its Dubai office, said a statement.

The company has made significant investments in its production facilities since 2007, including developing and commissioning a state-of-the art steel-melting complex, Interpipe Steel, built from scratch; the launch of new finishing lines for both line pipes and oil country tubular goods (OCTG), and the modernisation of testing units at all production assets.

The last company enhancement, dated 2017, is a modernisation of lines for premium OCTG production. The total amount of the investments into pipe and steel production has reached about $800 million.

Interpipe catering to diverse applications

Interpipe catering to diverse applications

Over the last decade, Interpipe has strengthened its research and development (R&D) division and improved steel grades, expanded its size range, offered new services and developed new premium connections for complicated drilling conditions.

Just recently, the company launched its latest innovations and started production of the premium UPJ-M connection, which corresponds to the highest requirements for the premium products of a new generation.

Andrey Burtsev, commercial director for Middle East, Africa and Asia markets, Interpipe, said: “Ten years ago we opened our Middle East hub in Dubai in order to be closer to our customers, provide high-level service and expand our business in the market.”

“During these years of cooperation, a lot has been accomplished with the joint efforts of Ukrainian and Middle East companies. Interpipe maintains a strong presence in the oil and gas industry with 58.5 per cent of its pipe supplies used in regional oil and gas projects over past 10 years,” he said.

“Namely, the largest share in total supplies accounts 25 per cent for the UAE, 18 per cent for Turkey and 13 per cent for Egypt,” he added.

Burtsev continued: “A total of 41 per cent of our pipe exports in the region cater to the construction industry.”

“Our products have been used in a number of prominent construction projects including the Dubai Marina development in the UAE, King Fahad Medical City in Saudi Arabia and Osman Gazi Bridge in Turkey,” he said.

“Our largest share of pipe supplies for construction industry is in the UAE followed by Turkey and Saudi Arabia, representing 30 per cent, 22 per cent and 19 per cent respectively. The Middle East remains a top priority market in terms of further development,” he added.

Oleksandr Balanutsa, the Consul General of Ukraine in Dubai, said: “I am proud to open today’s reception as a token of respect to Ukraine’s partners in the Gulf countries.”

“Ukraine has a strong political and economic relationship with the UAE. In 2016, the trade turnover between the two countries reached $610 million. The results of 2017 will exceed last year’s recorded economic activity,” Balanutsa said.

“We also intensify our political dialogue and enhance strategic cooperation in space technologies development, aircraft building, energy and metal industries, and agriculture. The outcomes of the recent visit of the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko to the UAE are another testament to these positive dynamics. I’m also confident that a visa-free agreement between our two countries will help bring the cooperation between Ukraine and UAE to a new level. We are pleased that prominent Ukrainian companies such as Interpipe contribute to the economic and infrastructure development of the Middle East,” Balanutsa concluded.

Interpipe: high quality pipe products

Interpipe: high quality pipe products

The company has made major contribution to projects in the GCC region with the high quality pipe products in various applications, including oil and gas production and transportation, steel structures, fire-fighting, heating, ventilation, chilled water and mechanical

Meanwhile, Interpipe has certified its premium tight gas threaded joints UPJ-M in accordance with ISO 13679 CAL IV.

The obtained certification confirms the correspondence of the Interpipe UPJ-M threaded connection to the highest level of CAL IV requirements (CAL – connection application level). Qualification tests were held in Italy.

Connection type CAL IV is a mandatory requirement in many oil and gas projects in the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Latin and Central Americas and the CIS. The presence of this connection will allow the company to meet the technical requirements of previously inaccessible projects.

“The construction of oil and gas wells has become more intricate over the course of the last ten years. Today, deviated or horizontal wells are widespread across the world. To be able to comply with new challenges, new types of premium connections come into place and start to play a significant role in well construction,” the company said.

The connection design allows it to be used in the most severe well conditions. Along with corrosion-resistant alloys and sour service material, UPJ-M can be used in hydrogen sulphite and carbon dioxide environments.

According to the statement, Interpipe UPJ-M Premium connection has been used in Ukraine gas fields since 2017. It was specifically designed to meet severe drilling conditions of UkrGasVydobuvannya, major gas company in Ukraine.

Boris Lomakin, premium connection department director, said: “Oil and gas companies can rely on UPJ-M Premium Connection even in HPHT/deep wells. The connection salability assures leak-prevention, which makes it an environmentally friendly product. The successfully passed ISO 13679 CAL IV test proves that UPJ-M meets the highest industry requirements for premium connections.”

From now on, the Interpipe portfolio includes API, GOST connections, UPJ (the first Interpipe’s Premium connection), JFEBEAR (licensed from JFE) and UPJ-M Premium Connection (ISO 13679 CAL IV qualified).

Interpipe’s products are marketed in more than 80 countries through a network of sales offices located in Ukraine, the CIS, the Middle East, North America, and Europe. In 2016 Interpipe supplied 572,000 tonnes of pipe and wheel products.

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